Hello and welcome to the May issue of my e-newsletter!

In this newsletter, my teaching schedule for the month of June.
New horizons coming up.
Your sagacious saying.
Recycle tip.
Your Feng Shui tip.
Last words.

During the month of June I will be teaching the following classes at Francis Tuttle at the Rockwell campus.
Numerology Wednesday June 5, 6:30-9:30 p.m.
Feng Shui Wednesday June 19, 6:30-9:30 p.m.
Cuisine of India Monday June 24, 6:30-9:30 p.m.

Next chapter!

Beginning in June, I will be taking a hiatus from my monthly newsletters, because, at the end of June, I am moving to Portland, Oregon. At some point, in the near future, I will start writing newsletters again and will resume sending them out monthly. At that time, if you wish to be removed from my list, there will be an easy unsubscribe button, which will allow you to remove yourself from receiving my newsletters, without having to write to me. I have wanted to live in the Pacific Northwest since 1980 and now I get to move and live closer to my grand daughter Nina. I will say farewell with a heavy heart because I will be leaving so many people I care about here in Oklahoma.

Sage words!

This month's sagacious saying comes from Cheri Kriethe, she says this is something she says to herself when she feels overwhelmed with the world of her "to do list" "All you can do is all you do." I do like this one, it puts a different slant stressful situations, doing only what one is capable of doing without causing harm to one's psyche! Thank you Cheri.

Recycle tip!

During this rainy season, it's a good idea to buy rain barrels that hook up to your rain gutter downspouts, this way you can save rain water and use it for your garden. I was shopping at Whole Foods here in OKC and noticed they had rain barrels for sale along with the down spouts you can hook up to your gutters. Easy way to save money and water!

Your Feng Shui tip!

Hestia is the Greek Goddess of the hearth, one could say she was the Feng Shui consultant of the Greeks! She knew that keeping your home clean and organized will allow you to be more focused. Anytime, you are feeling frustrated with the way your home looks, ask Hestia's help, she answers the call of those who wish to lead a more clutter free life!

Final thoughts.

I moved to Oklahoma from London, England in 1972! In a manner of speaking I have grown up here, I will miss the warmth of the people of Oklahoma, the vibrant sunsets, the gentle sloping hills and the spectacular thunderstorms we get here. Most of all I will miss seeing my daughter Reina daily, but since she will be staying here, I will be back often to visit her. I hope to see friends when I return and also schedule Feng Shui consultations for those of you who need further help or new Oklahoma clients. Thank you all for being part of my life, I have truly enjoyed getting to know you! Please stay in touch and drop me a line. Until we meet again...

Summer is here, enjoy!

If you wish to be removed from my newsletters, please let me know and I would be happy to oblige, please send the *exact* address you wish to remove. Thank you.

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