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I will not be teaching any classes during the month of April, but I will resume my schedule in May.

A new additional to my website.
Your sagacious saying.
Your recycle tip.
Your Feng Shui tip.
A last word.

Here we go!

Ask Sunita!

On my Facebook page, frequently, people ask me different types of questions, some are related to Feng Shui, others to recycling, some about numerology and some even about dream interpretation! I was relaying this to Marc Barker, my website savant, who immediately started to brainstorm, saying I need to add a section to my website which will address the multitude of questions being asked. What a brilliant idea! So, I am in the process of amassing questions that I can answer. This will require many hours of work, which will involve research answering questions such as do plastic straws ever biodegrade? Ask Sunita, will be your one stop destination for questions answered. I hope to keep if fresh, relevant and ever changing because as people ask questions the Ask Sunita site will change too. Let me know if you have questions I can answer for you, and do let me know what you think about this idea?!

Sage words.

This month's sagacious saying comes from Rusty Hale, I have known Rusty for over thirty years, he is my very trusted accountant. He quoted William Blake, a British painter and artist. "Everything that lives, lives not alone, nor for itself." Thank you Rusty for sharing your words of wisdom, at this time of the year I send extra blessing towards Hale and Company, if you are in need of an excellent accounting firm, give Rusty a call and tell them Sunita sent ya!


This month's recycle tip comes from Ravi Ramdass, I did a Feng Shui consultation for Ravi a few years ago, we have remained in touch as I do with most of my clients. He does let me know that he enjoys reading these newsletters as do so many of you-- thank you! Ravi let me know that Goodwill will recycle used computer monitors, which the city of Oklahoma City does not recycle. So, if you have an old monitor just sitting around, instead of putting it in the trash bin, take it to Goodwill! Thank you Ravi for your tip!

Feng Shui tip!

Placing a picture of a horse galloping or a statue of a horse in your office will bring new opportunities galloping into your work atmosphere!

A final thought!

I absolutely love receiving your comments, isn't it great that through this wonderful medium of newsletters so many people can remain connected. A few years ago, I lamented that no one would write letters anymore. I am so pleased that not only can we write letters but that we can receive them instantly! Though, I have to admit that a hand written note, delivered by the postal carrier is magical, I am nonetheless grateful for e-mails. It's a great way to stay in touch. I have been busy compiling ideas for my new venture and my wonderful son Mahesh, who is a gifted writer will edit and corral my errant thoughts! Please feel free to send me your suggestions.

The pear trees are blooming!

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