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Your sagacious saying.
Your recycle tip.
An amazingly easy Feng Shui tip.
Final thoughts.

Let's rock and roll!

I will not be teaching any classes in the month of March.

Words of wisdom!

This month's sagacious saying comes from Andrea Jarman, who quotes a song by Sugarland-- "Some believe in destiny, and some believe in fate. I believe that happiness is something we create." She says "I love it , I live it!" Sagacious words can be found anywhere, so please share yours today! Thank you Andrea, I love your saying!


The idea for this tip was given to me also by Andrea Jarman, she asked on my Facebook page
where she can recycle batteries that are no longer working? We all have used batteries that have gone to battery heaven but their bodies remain here on earth polluting our landfills! So, after a little bit of searching, I came across Batteries Plus, this store chain will recycle your used batteries! You can call 800.677.8278 to find a location near you! It's easy and convenient and you'll be saving our soil from being contaminated, it's a win, win! P.S, join me on my Facebook page for daily tips!

Easy Money!

This month's Feng Shui tip comes from Kate Kezbers, though she does not know that she has contributed! She is a very talented hair stylist, she does an amazing job of styling my daughter Reina's hair. She casually mentioned to Reina that at the end of each day she goes on line to her bank account and transfers any odd pennies that are left over into her savings account. She does this ritual daily! I was blown away by this tip! What an easy way to save money everyday! Try it and let me know how you did? And, thank you Kate!

Final ruminations!

I am running low on your sagacious words, so please forward some to me, I would appreciate your input! The few classes I taught last month and earlier this month have been a satisfying outlet for me. The time I took off from teaching, I put it to good use; I wrote a book! This is a story that has been rattling around in the crevices of my mind for the past ten years. So, finally it saw the light of day, I put pen to paper-- or fingers to the keyboard of my computer! I took the final draft to my editor, she liked what I had written, after another rewrite I will be ready to send it off to a publishing house, fingers crossed! Please do drop me a line, I love to hear what you have been up to!

Do I hear the call of an early spring?!

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