Happy New Year!

Welcome to the first newsletter of 2013!

In this newsletter:
My teaching schedule for February.
The numerology of 2013.
Your sixth annual Manifesto!
Your sagacious words.
Recycle tip.
Feng Shui tip for the new year.
A final word!

So much to write, so let's get started!

I will be teaching Numerology at Francis Tuttle on Feb. 7 &14 from 6:30- 9:30 pm call 717-4900 to enroll or, go on line.

Classes at Gordon Cooper Vo-Tech in Shawnee!

I will be teaching Feng Shui and Numerology in Shawnee! Feng Shui on Feb. 5&12 from 6-9pm. Numerology on Feb. 19& 26 also from 6-9 pm. You can call to enroll 405.273.7493. For those of you who live in the Shawnee area this a perfect opportunity to attend these classes and not have to travel to OKC.

2013 Numerology!

The numerology of 2013 is 6, which means, planet wide, more people will pop the question, creating a run at the marriage license bureau! Or, people will be calling it quits because the responsibility of a marriage is too much. 6 energy is responsible, harmonious and adjustments will be made. After the breathless energy of 2012 (a 5 year), people are ready to settle down. Let me know if you are going to get married, renew your vows or, if you are planning to walk away in 2013?

Your 2013 Manifesto!

1. Enjoy the possibilities of the New Year!
2. Love the love of your life!
3. Dance in the rain!
4. Pay your taxes!
5. Hug your mother!
6. Let your father know you love him!
7. Celebrate freedom!
8. Take a road trip!
9. Raft the Colorado at the bottom of the Grand Canyon!
10. Play tricks for treats!
11. Spend time with loved ones!
12. Celebrate the Winter Solstice!
13. Be kind to yourself!

Your Sagacious saying.

This month's wonderful saying comes from Janet Whisler, who sent in these words "May you live everyday of your life". What a wonderful way to start off our brand new year! Thank you Janet for sharing with all of us. I would love for all of you to send me more of your sagacious sayings, your wisdom is worth sharing with everyone!

Recycle benefits!

This is what happens when you choose to recycle-- it reduces the amount of waste that is sent to landfills and incinerators; conserves natural resources; prevents pollution caused by collecting new raw materials; helps to sustain the environment for future generations! A simple act like recycling your water bottle or that aluminum can do so much, please recycle!

Your New Year Feng Shui tip!

Take a walk through your home after reading this wonderful newsletter! I want you to notice your feelings as you walk through each room. Pay attention to how you feel. Any room in your home where you feel uncomfortable that is where the energy is stagnant. It's time to rid your home of lethargy, get rid of clutter. Ring a bell to awaken dormant energy, try this and you will notice the difference in your house!

A final thought.

I am happy to be teaching again, it was heartwarming to see familiar faces at my Feng Shui class last week. I have been deeply touched by everyone's positive comments over the past year, thank you all for being so supportive as my family and I faced difficult times. Now, we are looking ahead at watching baby Nina grow up and see the wonder of this planet through her precious eyes.

Enjoy January!

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