Greetings of the season!

Welcome to the December issue of my e-newsletter!
In this issue:

My teaching schedule at Francis Tuttle.
Baby Nina hi-lights!
Your recycle tip.
You Feng Shui tip.
The final thoughts on 2012.

Here we go!

~*~ Feng Shui class!

So many of you have been asking about classes at Francis Tuttle, that I convinced the administration to offer one Feng Shui class in January. Mark your calendar for Wednesday January 16 and January 23rd. 6:30- 9:30 pm. The catch is four people have to be enrolled in order for this class to make it on the schedule. So, those of you interested in learning about Feng Shui call (405) 717-4900, to enroll. You will need to find out the cost of the class when you call FT. This is a six hour class spread over two Wednesday evenings, I will discuss all things Feng Shui and show you how to balance your home. My consultations cost over $250.00 per home, this class will be far less than that! Please call if you are interested in taking this class. Please do so as soon as possible!

Granddaughter *Princess Nina*!

Earlier this month I went to visit that precious bundle of joy! It's amazing how much my granddaughter reminds me of my children as babies. It was awesome to hold her, have her smile at me and I loved reading to her. My most favorite book to read to little girls is "The Paper Bag Princess" it's different than most fairy tales, in that the girl is the savior of her prince. I want my granddaughter to grow up feeling empowered and capable!


I recently found out that you can recycle the cooking oil from your kitchen, here in OKC you can take your used oil to Red Earth Recycling at 923 SW 4th St. OKC. I have been saving the cooking oil I have used for frying and will take it to Red Earth in January. You might want to check on line to see which companies recycle used cooking oil in your community. This is one more item we can save from going into the landfill!

~*~ Feng Shui for wealth tip!
Hang a picture of a waterfall in the financial "Gua" of your home to increase your wealth, to find where this area is located in your home go to the link below and overlay the Ba-Gua map over your home's floor plan. If you have questions, please e-mail me!

A final thought.

2012 is coming to an end. I will be glad to see the end of this year. It started off in February with my younger brother having heart surgery followed by challenges I faced with my own health, to the loss of my children's beloved father. My eldest sister, too, faced medical challenges while she and I were vacationing in Jamaica. The one brilliantly shinning spot in this year was the birth of baby Nina. She has eased the loss and sadness we have all felt. Though, we all mourn that she will not get to know her paternal grandfather, she will not hear his sage advice and will not be held in his arms. We are all grateful that we have each other and we look forward to Nina's escapades. She has joined our tiny family, she illuminates our future for us with her irresistible smile! My wish for all of you is a happy new 2013!

Have a merry merry!

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