Hello and welcome to the November issue of my e-newsletter!
I am sorry this newsletter is so late, I was away on vacation in Jamaica!

In this newsletter:
Thanksgiving thoughts.
Your sagacious saying.
Recycle tip.
Your Feng Shui tip.
A final thought.

So, let's go!

Being thankful!

I was on my way to Vancouver British Columbia on Thanksgiving Day. As most of you know, I didn't grow up in this country, so the traditional thanksgiving holds little meaning for me. However, I have always enjoyed the concept of reserving a day for thanks. I had much to be grateful on Thursday Nov. 22nd I was with my sister who had had a medical emergency while we were in Jamaica. I was accompanying her back to Canada. I didn't feel comfortable sending her on her way back without my help. I was grateful that she was feeling better. I was grateful that my entire family was gathered when we got to Vancouver, waiting to welcome us home. I was grateful that we had fabulous Indian food to eat! Being surrounded by loving family members puts life into perspective, we can all get too involved in our own daily chores and not take the time to look up. Most often there is a silver lining to those ominous clouds.

Your Sagacious saying!

This month's sagacious saying comes from Mickey Quoetone, she says that everyday when she gets up she tells herself "today I choose to be happy". She remarks how much this has helped her not to sweat the small stuff. Awesome, this sounds so simple yet so effective! Way to go Mickey, and thank you for sharing! Please send your sagacious sayings and I would love to pass them along.

Your recycle tip!

I was dismayed that in Jamaica they did not recycle anything! So, I brought my empty plastic bottles, paper and Coke cans back with me! Sounds extreme does it not?! My sister too thought I am a bit mad, but I'd rather be a bit mad than to pollute the world. So, in my blue recycling bin this week, there were a some Jamaican bottles and cans. They thought it was too cold here, but, they are happy to be recycled! Bring your empties back with you if no recycling is available!

Your Feng Shui tip!

Here we go-- the stress of the Holidays is upon you… not me, because, I have actually extracted myself out of the hustle bustle of this insane time of the year! So, how can Feng Shui help the masses? Easy, create a calm space in your home, where just you can retreat to. Sometimes that is hard to achieve, even if it is a chair you sit upon and read for a while. Make time for yourself and delegate, delegate, delegate. Take the help offered and remember to breathe deeply!

A final thought.

This year started off with my brother having medical issues, the theme for this year has been health related for my entire family. As we get older, it becomes more apparent that we need to take good care of ourselves while we are younger. It occurred to me that as far as our health is concerned we are actually borrowing from our future health. We need to eat right, drink water, keep our muscles in good shape, so that we can have good health when we most need it-- in our twilight years!

Jingle bells are coming!

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