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NYC trip highlights!
Great holiday tips to keep you in tip-top condition!
Your sagacious saying.
Recycle tip.
Your Feng Shui tip.

Let's go!

The Big Apple!

My daughter and I just returned from a few days in New York City. The last time I was there I was pregnant with my son! What an amazing city! I had forgotten how vibrant this city is, and why did I wait so long before a return visit? This city does not sleep ever, people walk everywhere and yet the streets are congested with thousands of cars. The subways are packed, the streets are bustling, all the shops are full of people. I am usually mesmerized by the continual movement of a city such as New York, the vibrancy and life force, the millions of stories people keep to themselves as they hustle, bustle through their busy days with a dazed look. I want to peer in, but I don't because people would not appreciate my probing questions! It was wonderful to make up my own stories in my head. I did notice that Reina and I were the only two people who had smiles on our faces, the rest of the people looked woebegone.

Tips, tips, glorious tips!

Before the onset of the holidays, this weekend take some time to become battle ready! The upcoming holidays are an assault on your nerves, your energy level and your emotional well-being! First order of business: go through your home and get rid of 27 items you no longer need. This is a quick way to jump start the energy movement in your home! Secondly, stock up on staple items you will need before company arrives later this year. I know, you may think you have plenty of time for that later, but trust me, get it done now, it will be one less thing you'll have to focus on, on Thanksgiving day! Make a few food items now which can be frozen for later use! Lastly, schedule sometime for you, go for a long walk, or get a pedicure or just spend time in quiet reflection. You'll be amazed by doing these simple chores ahead of time will save your sanity later!

Your Sagacious saying!

This month's saying comes from Gloria Smith's mother, Melba Diggers who advised Gloria to "Never do anything for appreciation". Good words to live by, indeed! Thank you Gloria for sharing. Please send me your sagacious sayings you live by and I will pass them along!

Your recycle tip.

Aluminum is a durable and sustainable metal: two-thirds of the aluminum ever produced is in use today. Every minute of everyday, an average of 113,204 aluminum cans are recycled. I love reading statistics such as these, it makes me feel good about recycling. I always pick up cans on the streets and recycle them-- of course, I wash my hands immediately afterwards! To me each aluminum can cries out to be recycled, so do your part recycle aluminum; it's so easy!

~*~ Your Feng Shui tip!

Keeping objects that evoke sad memories hampers your ability to move forward. If looking at a piece of clothing or a gift given by someone who treated you badly, causes you pain, then these things no longer belong in your living space. Be ruthless about getting rid of items that bring sad feelings into your life. You need to move forward and make room for the new to enter. I give out daily tips on my Facebook page, come and join the fun! http://www.facebook.com/SunitasFengShui/

A final thought.

As the holiday season approaches, I am reminded of a time honored tradition Hindus practice. For an entire year after the passing of a loved one we don't celebrate birthdays or holidays. As a child growing up, I didn't appreciate this tradition. But, as an adult, I can see the value behind this somber tradition. The ones we have lost are no longer here to celebrate with us. Celebrating without them is too painful, so it makes sense to take a year off, to allow time to heal the wound. I hope that you treasure the time you have with your loved ones.

Halloween is here!

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