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On Monday October 1st. at Istvan Gallery, from 7-9:30 p.m. I will be giving a lecture on Hinduism. The cost for this class is $29.00. For the past thirty years I have been giving lectures at various Universities on the complex aspects of Hinduism. As a Hindu, I am often asked to teach a class on this most fascinating religion. Did you know that Hinduism was only classified as a religion about a hundred years ago?! Hinduism, is a way of life, our daily actions are the measure of a person. This is how we believe we are judged. So, come and join me in a discussion about this most intriguing subject matter! Other classes I am working on: Learn how to invest in the stock market! Tai Chi! Yoga! Vision board! Let me know if any of these interest you or, if you have suggestions for me!

Your pearls of wisdom!

This month's sagacious saying comes from Val Thompson, this is what she lives by: "If they will do it with you, they will do it to you." That sure is a cautionary little gem, I really hadn't thought much about this aspect of human behavior-- but I do believe that Val is correct in this observation. Thank you Val for sharing. Please share your pearls of wisdom with us!


Think of recycling as a present you are leaving for future generations! A friend lamented the other day that her husband won't recycle anything-- my answer to that is; then, it's your responsibility to be the beacon of light in that household. If you are lucky enough to live in a community which offers the option of recycling then, all you have to do is put recyclable items in that blue box and set them at your curb, voila, recycling done! Think of it as extra bit of exercise at the end of your day. Separate paper, aluminum and plastic and feel wonderful about using less of the earth's resources!

Feng Shui tip!

If you are suffering from a broken heart, carry a pink quartz with you, it will help heal you and banish your sad feelings. Keep remembering when it's meant to be everything falls into place easily! I give out daily tips on my Feng Shui Facebook page, come and join us! http://www.facebook.com/SunitasFengShui/

Final word!

Having returned from my road trip to Oregon to be with my first grandchild, I am always pleasantly surprised at the insights I receive. Being on the road by myself for hours on end, my mind tends to wander. On this trip I was struck by the similarity of the road of life to the actual road I was driving on! At times the road of life is under construction. At times the road of life has open wounds just like pot holes. At times the road of life has rough patches. But most of the time the road of life stretches out in front of you smooth and beautiful beckoning you towards adventure! I hope the road you are on right now is scenic, enjoy the journey!

Yeah! Cooler weather is here!

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