Hello Everyone!

Welcome to the August issue of my e-newsletter!
In this issue:
Baby news!
Your sagacious saying!
Private classes beginning in September.
Recycle tip.
And, your Feng Shui tip!
A final note.

Onward and upward!

Baby Nina is here!

My adorable granddaughter made her debut on Saturday Aug. 11 at 11:06 a.m. Mother, father and baby are all doing well a week later. She is already settling into a fairly good routine. Though, like a lot of babies she does have her days and nights mixed up, much to her parents dismay! She is a happy and content baby, cries when she needs something, the rest of the time she sleeps like an angel. My son and his wife are doing exceptionally well as first time parents. My daughter and I have been picking up the slack, helping in anyway we can. I can understand now why people are always raving about being grand parents-- I get it now!

Your Sagacious saying!

This month's wonderful saying comes to us via Anette Brown: "This too shall pass". She likes this statement in good times as well as bad times. In bad times she is reminded that nothing lasts forever and that she can weather the storm. In good times she is reminded to pay attention and absorb the joy of the occasion. I like this because it allows us to be present in the moment. Thank you Anette for sharing! Please continue to send more Sagacious sayings, I think we will all benefit!

Private classes!

Last year I dipped my toe into the huge ocean of possibilities and found that people are anxious and open to learning about all sorts of subject matter. All the classes I offered were so well received, the demand was amazing! So, this year I plan to continue to offer classes of thought provoking subject matter. We will begin the classes in mid September-- here are a few of the subjects I am toying with! What is Hinduism? Understanding Reincarnation. Beginning Yoga. How to create your own Vision Board. Meditation. Learning Tai Chi. Let me know if you are interested in being on the alert list of these new classes. The cost of each 2.5 hr. class will be $29.00.

Your recycle tip!

In Oregon, where my son lives, they recycle just about everything! The container for the garbage is smaller than the container for recycling. Opposite of what we have in Oklahoma! By having a smaller container for garbage, the community is forced to recycle more. The only way we can get our city to recycle more is to let our government know our wishes. I plan to call the city officials, let them know that we need more options for recycling. It would be wonderful if we could recycle all the cardboard! Join me in calling the city government, and have your voice heard!

Your Feng Shui tip!

Placing a vibrant plant (real or silk) in the career area of your home will energize your career. To find the career area of your home go to the link below to figure out where this quadrant lies in your home. The Ba-Gua map is a 9 quadrant grid that is overlaid on your home's floor plan. The bottom three squares of the map line up with the front of your home! http://www.sunitasitara.com/consultation/faq.cfm/

A final note.

I have enjoyed the time with my grand daughter, she reminded me so much of my two children when they were babies. I guess that is what we are transported back to-- the baby days of our babies. The tiny baby days last only for days. I am glad to see that both my son and my daughter in law spend time holding their babe in their arms. It is a bit surreal to watch my son hold his baby, seems like just yesterday I was holding him in my arms!

Sniff, sniff, fall seems to be heading our way!

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