Hello and welcome to the July issue of my e-newsletter!

I will not be teaching any classes this summer.
I decided to change the format of the newsletter a little bit-- change is always good! A couple of new features have been added, let me know your thoughts!

in this newsletter:
Sagacious words.
Waiting to exhale!
Your recycle tip.
Your Feng Shui tip.
A final word.
So, let's get started!

The wise ones say….

After the last couple of months of trials and tribulations in my life as well as the lives of my children, I was uplifted by the e-mails I received from so many of you. So many sagacious sayings, thank you! So, I decided that we need to add a new feature to the newsletter, a quote or life creed that you live by. I would love to include what gets you through your not so sunny days! Or, just something you have lived by. Each month there will be a new quote by one of you, credited to you-- so help me out and send me what you live by? I will add your quote each month at the top of the newsletter and if we get many quotes perhaps more than one!

Baby fever!

We are all waiting to exhale as soon as my granddaughter arrives. My bags are almost packed, the car is going in this week for a through check up. Maps are on the ready, though I do think I could get to Oregon without the aid of a map! I have to admit I am already buying clothes for that little princess! It's a good thing to buy clothes to satisfy the shopping Diva, but at the same time I plan to start a college fund for her too. It is a painless way to save monthly and by the time she is eighteen she will have some tuition for the college!

Your recycle tip!

Is an old iPod or computer gathering dust in a closet? Are you hoping to retire a cell phone? You can make some money off those electronics by recycling them through sites like YouRenew, BuyMyTronics or Gazelle.

Your Feng Shui tip!

I love the use of color in my home, you can go to my website and look at the Ba-Gua map to discern which area of your home will benefit the most by using a certain color! For example I painted the *Fame and Reputation* area of my home red. This action supercharged my reputation growth in the community! Check out the link below to get some ideas! http://www.sunitasitara.com/consultation/faq.cfm
For daily Feng Shui tips visit my Facebook page. http://www.facebook.com/SunitasFengShui/

A final thought.

This is a new feature also, I guess I have always added something at the end, but I never gave it a title. I so enjoy this monthly ritual, it focuses my mind on connecting with all of you and it makes me grateful for having crossed paths with you. Let me know what you think of the new features and please share your ‘sagacious sayings’ with me.

I am dreaming of rain clouds!

If, you wish to be removed from these mailings please let me know and I would be happy to oblige! Please send the *exact* address you wish to remove!

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