A warm breezy hello to all!

Welcome to the June issue of my e-newsletter.
In this issue:

My health update.
Vacation time!
Your recycle tip.
And that ever important Feng Shui tip!

So, let's get the ball rolling!


I really appreciate all the encouraging e-mails I received last month when I announced my medical leave of absence from teaching classes. I am happy to report that I have received very encouraging news about my health from the doctors. After the summer hiatus I will resume teaching my classes! I was heart warmed by the overwhelming response I got from so many of you-- at times, I do wonder if you read my newsletters, now I know that you do! So, thank you for your well wishes, prayers and uplifting e-mails. I am so grateful to be surrounded by such positive energy.

Road trip!

It's summer time, so it must be time for a road trip! Driving is the number one way to see this amazing country. I love the way the open road stretches out in front of me and I can go anywhere my heart desires! I will be heading west yet again, this time to Portland, Oregon for the birth of my first grandchild. She will be arriving in August, we are all tickled pink! I am looking forward to spoiling that baby!


My most favorite thing to do is to save water! I usually have a contest with myself to see how inventive I can be with water conservation. With the generous amount of rain we have had this spring, I came to the conclusion that I need to purchase rain barrels. These wonderful barrels can be attached to your gutter spouts with an expandable hose, thus saving rain water that would otherwise be wasted. Once the barrel is full the water can be used for outdoor plantings! Your local garden center has rain barrels if you are interested.

Your awesome Feng Shui tip!

I have been dealing with paperwork of my former husband's estate. It's been a daunting task, so many pieces of papers that show us our life in print. Receipts of vacations together, telephone bills of calls to family and friends, the list goes on. I decided to apply my rule of thumb, the advice I give to all my clients-- get rid of at least 27 items. Only this time I got rid of at least 27 files! It makes your load lighter and at the same time you have a sense of accomplishment. This tip is worth repeating!

I hope that Father's Day for all of you was joyful. Fathers are the ones who allow us to stand tall sitting atop their shoulders. Their playtime is different than any other. If you are a Dad, take time to let your children know how much you love them. If you are a child, let your father know the depth of your respect for him. We never really have enough time with our parents, so seize the moment.

As always, I enjoy your e-mails, so keep um coming!

Sunny days are ahead!

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