A warm hello to all!A warm hello to all!

Welcome to the February issue of my e-newsletter!

In this issue my teaching schedule for the month of March.
Morocco highlights.
Vision board class!
Your recycle tip.
A great Feng Shui tip!

Here we go!

In March I will be teaching the following class at Francis Tuttle, please join me.
Tuesday March 13, Tofu 101 6:30-9:30 p.m.

The Sahara Dessert!

I was fortunate enough to go to Morocco earlier this month, the big draw was the Sahara dessert, it is the largest hot dessert in the world. The dessert didn't disappoint. The dunes are indeed magnificent and majestic in appearance. They look easy enough to climb until one attempts to do so! Half way up the dunes the sand begins to give way and I ended up clawing my way up. By the time I finished my shoes were filled with sand making it much harder to climb further. Though, we spent just two nights in the dessert, I could have stayed there for my entire three week trip. I have never been in a place where the silence enveloped me. There are no birds flying around, there is no noise of traffic, horns honking, people bustling-- just silence! The night sky was amazingly clear, making it possible to view the stars unhindered by city lights. The closest town was a good day's drive away. I have no idea how our drivers found their way to the camp in the middle of the dessert, there were certainly no road signs! We rode camels for part of the way, my camel had his eyes closed since all of them are tethered together and simply follow the leader. During my stay in Morocco, most of the time I was mistaken for a local, I guess I fit the look of many ethnicities; it was fun trying to understand the Berber language!

Design your own *Desire* list!

On March 7th at Istvan Gallery we will gather once again to create a custom made vision board. I have really enjoyed the private classes I have been offering. It has afforded me the opportunity to teach the type of classes I am intrigued by. As a former art teacher I used to love to have my students cut and paste images they wish to attract into their life. Images on a board are a powerful and visual reminder of your goals. They keep your dreams in the present moment where you have the ability to manifest them. I still have a few spots open if anyone is interested in joining this most fun activity! Please contact me to enroll.

Your recycle tip.

Most of the world does not recycle-- which saddens me to no end. The amount of trash I saw just strewn all over Morocco made my heart ache. And we, as tourists added to the fray, because daily we drank water out of plastic bottles. I wanted to bring all those bottles home so I could recycle them, alas, that was not possible. I am grateful that we do have the ability to recycle, so my request to all of you would be-- please recycle!

A great money tip!

The tax man cometh! Here is a really simple way to make more money. Don't overpay the government so that you get a tax refund! It makes no sense to overpay your taxes only to get a tax refund! It's like you handed the government money to hold for a whole year and then the government gave it back to you with no interest! It's best to owe money at the end of the year rather than get a refund. Check with your financial advisor or, tax accountant to figure out what you need to pay. Please note: I am NOT a financial advisor, nor am I a tax accountant, I always check with my accountant to make sure I am paying my fair share and not overpaying. At the end of the year I am happy when I owe money to Uncle Sam!

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