Happy New Year!

Welcome to the first issue of my e-newsletter for 2012!

In this issue:
The Numerology of year 2012.
Your fifth annual Manifesto for year 2012!
Private lectures!
Your recycle tip!
Your New Year Feng Shui tip!

I will not be teaching any classes during February, but will start again in March!


The Numerology of 2012 comes to 5 which means this will be a year of change for the planet. There will be heightened activity in commerce trade, and the planet on the whole will want to take a chance on new innovations! This will also be the year of the Dragon as far as the Chinese calendar is convened. Chinese parents strive to have their children born in the year of the Dragon because it's such a powerful sign. My lovely daughter Reina is born in the year of the Dragon and she is a force to be reckoned with!

Your 2012 Manifesto!

1. Travel to exotic Morocco!
2. Make time for the main squeeze in your life!
3. Wear green for St. Patrick's Day!
4. Smile and pay your taxes!
5. Hug your Mother and Father!
6. Plan a summer vacay!
7. Declare your Independence from stuff you no longer use!
8. Go to Stonehenge!
9. Enjoy the dog days of summer!
10. Eat candy!
11. Give thanks for health, family and friends!
12. Take time to rest!
13. Celebrate!

Play it again Sam!

I am planning a trip to Morocco, and of course, Casablanca is a must see destination! You can follow my trek on www.sunitasitara.blogspot.com. I am looking forward to going to this exotic locale, seeing the Atlas mountain range and spending a couple of nights in the Sahara Dessert. Names such as Marrakesh, Fez, Tineghir and Casablanca bring visions of classic romantic movies and bustling medinas overflowing with centuries old traditions. Villages seemingly rising out of the mighty Sahara Dessert. I plan to take in the flavors and sights of Morocco and come home with my horizons expanded!

Vision Board!

On March 7th we will meet once again at Istvan Gallery to create a vision board. The cost of the class is $25.00 if you are interested in joining us; please send me an e-mail and I will reserve a spot for you. It has been so fulfilling to gather once a month at this beautiful gallery to expand our awareness. We have discussed subject matter as varied as reincarnation, acupuncture, Feng Shui and numerology! In March we will meet to learn how to create a vision board. I feel having a physical representation of your desires manifests them effortlessly! So, please join us!

Recycle for 2012!

Remember to take your own grocery sacks to the store with you. Reusable grocery sacks are made from recycled plastic and are so affordable now. This way you'll reduce your carbon footprint on the planet!

Your fabulous Feng Shui tip!

Here's a fantastic tip to get you started off to a brand new year. Clarify in your mind what you wish to accomplish in this new year. It's always a good idea to write down your desires, and then watch as they are manifested!

As always I enjoy hearing from you, please drop me a line and let me know what your aspirations for 2012 are?

New year wishes do come true!

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