Greetings of the Season!

Welcome to the December issue of my e-newsletter!
In this issue:
My teaching schedule for January.
A contest!
School of Metaphysics.
Year end thoughts.
Your recycle tip.
Your Feng Shui tip.

Off we go!

In January I will be teaching the following class at Francis Tuttle at their Rockwell campus. Please join me.

Tues. Jan 10 vegetarian Indian cuisine 6:30- 9:30 pm.

"Fix My Entryway" contest!

I have offered my services to the television show All About You to fix the entryway of one lucky winner! All you have to do is take pictures of the walkway to your home and upload them to the Facebook page of All About You! The "Chi" enters your home through your front door, so it's vitally important to keep debris and clutter away from your front door. If, you have a messy walkway let me help you; I will come and fix it for you for FREE! Pics of before and after will be featured on the show. Enter the contest at this address!

Food for the soul

We are fortunate to have a School of Metaphysics here in Oklahoma City, a perfect place to expand the horizons of your soul! It's located at 908 NW 12th St. The School is a not-for-profit educational and service organization with headquarters in Windyville MO. The School offers adult education for the whole mind. Students learn how to lead more productive and fulfilling lives. They learn to concentrate, become aware of their thoughts, creative visualization and dream study, these are just a few of the subjects. Classes meet weekly to discuss the students' application of metaphysical principles known as the Universal Laws, which govern all of creation. For more information you can contact Doug Bannister at 228 0506, On New Years' Day they will be conducting a meditation beginning at 5:00AM through 1:12 AM Sunday. It is free with light refreshment; Yoga; Qigong and meditation. Check it out!

~*~ Adieu 2011!

As we bid fare thee well to 2011, I look back at an incredible year, I drove across Canada, started giving private classes on subject matter that inspires me, made my television debut! It amazes me that even after six years of teaching at Francis Tuttle, the classes I offer are still in demand! I am happy that clients continue to be satisfied with my consultations and recommend me to family, friends and colleagues. Most of all I am thankful that our paths have crossed, whether it was in a cooking class, Feng Shui or, Numerology class. Perhaps, we met because you searched for a Feng Shui consultant on the internet, my life is richer and more meaningful because of the shared experiences, I thank you!

Recycle, today, tomorrow and everyday!

Here are TWO great tips! Use cloth napkins that you can wash instead of paper you throw away, not only are cloth napkins more elegant, by using them you'll be saving trees-- the lungs of the planet! Buy washable plates and cups for picnics instead of disposables, this way you'll be sending less to the landfill and also save money!

Feng Shui tip!

When your bedroom is cluttered and untidy, the energy in there will be low and slow and it will hinder romance. Clutter is a sure sign that chi is stuck, so roll up your sleeves and clean the place up. If you want to jump-start your love life; ring a bell, shake a rattle, or clap your hands loudly around the room to clear out old stale energy!

I am always happy to hear from you, so please do drop me a line and let me know what type of year 2011 was for you?

I have a Facebook page devoted to Feng Shui, you can click "Like" and join the conversation. I give out daily tips as well as some fun insights into your personality with numerology!

Enjoy the Season!
I'll see you in 2012!

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