A crisp fall greeting to all!

Welcome to the November issue of my e-newsletter!
In this issue:
My teaching schedule for the month of December.
Holiday Feng Shui gift consultations!
Oklahoma Live KSBITV OK 52.
Your recycle tip.
An amazing Feng Shui tip!

Here we go!

In December I will be teaching the following classes at Francis Tuttle at their Rockwell campus. Please join me.

Thurs. Dec. 1st, Feng Shui. 7- 9:30 pm.
Tues. Dec. 6, Gourmet Vegetarian Dinner. 6:30- 9:30 pm.

Gift consultations!

People have often asked me if I would do just a one room consultation? Well, I decided to offer short, quick-fix consultations for the Holiday season. The quick gift consult will allow you to give a unique gift. These consultations will address just one particular area of your home or life! If, you need help with just your love life, or just your career, or just finances-- I am your *go to woman*! A full two hour regular consultation can range anywhere from $250- $900.00. But, these "mini" quick half hour consults range in price from $50-$150! You can pick the package you wish to purchase. Just go to my website to order! http://sunitasitara.com/consultation/feng_shui.cfm/

/ Lights, camera, action!

I will be a regular guest on Oklahoma Live starting in January. The show airs weekdays at 1 p.m. on KSBI TV OK 52 or Cox channel 7. On this show I will be talking about my two other loves; Numerology and veggie cooking! Lyn Hester is the hilarious host of the show, we have a great time with our banter back and forth. I will also be Kealey McIntire's guest on All About You every other Friday talking about Feng Shui at 10 p.m. I am having a blast doing these shows. The entire team at KSBI TV has been extremely welcoming towards me and I really appreciate this great opportunity.

Go Green!

Companies like Ebay have developed programs to help your electronics find new homes. Other groups will gladly recycle your cell phone or give it to a senior citizen, even without a contract it can still make emergency calls. If you have a major appliance that doesn't work and you'd rather replace it than fix it, offer it to local repair shops, trade schools, or hobbyists to tinker with.

Here's your amazing Feng Shui tip!
/ Anything that is not working needs to leave your living space. Your energy is adversely affected whenever you have something in your house that doesn't work. From a light bulb, to all those watches/clocks kept in a drawer waiting for batteries. The broken printer that's been sitting in your home office for weeks; fix it or give it away!

On my Facebook page, I give out daily Feng Shui tips, if you are interested you can click *Like* to be part of this fun and informative community. I enjoy the daily interactions and am truly amazed by the different array of people from all over the world who are part of this page, please join me! http://www.facebook.com/SunitasFengShui/

As always, I am delighted to hear from you, please drop me a line!
I hope you and yours will enjoy your Thanksgiving!
Yum! I smell pumpkin pie!

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