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Welcome to the September issue of my e-newsletter!

In this issue my teaching schedule for the month of October.
Radio show with Drew and Kaci on 98.9 KYIS FM.
Feng Shui Friday with Kealey on All About You OK 52.
Private lectures.
Your recycle tip.
Your Feng Shui tip.

Let's get going!

In October I will be teaching the following classes at Francis Tuttle at their Rockwell campus.  Please join me.

Thurs. Oct. 6, Feng Shui. 7- 9:30 pm.
Wed. Oct .12, Gourmet Vegetarian Dinner. 6:30- 9:30 pm.
  Mon. Oct. 17, Numerology, 7- 9:30 pm.
  Wed. Oct. 19, Tofu 101, 6:30- 9:30 pm.
Numerology with Drew & Kaci!

I will be a guest on 98.9 KYIS FM with Drew and Kaci on Oct .3rd. at 4 p.m. tune in and or, listen on line.  You can call in with your questions 460.9899.  Spending time with Drew and Kaci is always fun, I enjoy their company immensely and both of them keep their listeners entertained and informed daily from 3-7 p.m.

Feng Shui Friday on KSBI TV!

I will be a regular guest on television from now on.  We are calling it Feng Shui Friday.  Watch on Friday Oct. 7th and then again on Friday Oct 21st. with Kealey McIntire the host of All About You on KSBI TV 52.  We will discuss all things Feng Shui.  Let me know if you have questions you wish answered!

Private lectures!

Below is lecture I will be giving at the Istvan Gallery, in October.  The cost for each session is $25.00 per person.  Reservations are required.  You can check the rest of the lectures/activities and sign up by just clicking on the link

October 5th Krm (Karma).
The most misunderstood and mispronounced word in the world!  What is Krm?  Krm and Reincarnation are joined at the hip, one does not exist without the other.  Krm are the deeds of your lifetime.  How you are evaluated at the end of each life is according to your Krm.  Your positive Krm balance and your negative Krm balance determine the next incarnation.

Happy Diwali!

Diwali is our Holiday; it is also called the Festival of Lights.  This year it will be celebrated on Wednesday Oct. 26th.  Diwali is celebrated on the lunar calendar, so it's never on the same day; but we know it's on a new moon towards the end of October or, beginning of November.  As a child I loved Diwali; my mother would prepare our favorite foods to eat and I would get a brand new dress to wear.  We lit fireworks in the evening.  Our house would sparkle at night from all the tiny candles lit in each room and the aroma of the wonderful dishes wafted through our home.  Now, as I make the same cuisine for my children I am reminded of my childhood.  Interesting to see how different cultures celebrate and yet, we have so many similarities.
~*~ Here's your recycle tip!

For those of you who enjoy drinking your morning cup of Joe here is something you can do to reduce waste-- Reuse your morning coffee cup through the day. Or better yet, buy a mug to avoid the waste caused by throwing away the paper or Styrofoam cups!

~*~ A timely Feng Shui tip!

Now that cooler weather is finally here, it's important to open up the windows to let in some cool fresh air.  I am sure the air conditioners worked overtime this past summer and it's nice not to hear that familiar fan noise going all day long!  By letting in fresh air you will improve the air quality of your home and lift your energy at the same time!

As always I am delighted to hear from you, so please drop me a line!

Enjoy our cooler weather!

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