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Father knows best.
On television today!
The Green Bambino!
My trip to the Northeast.
Your recycle tip.
Your Feng Shui tip.

So, off we go!

Dad, Daddy, Papa, Pops, Father!

No matter what we call him, he is the man responsible for 50% of our DNA! Of course, the man we call our father is more than just the contributor of our DNA! He is the man whose shoulder we are carried upon when we are babies. He is the one who we roughhouse with, much to the dismay of our mothers. Research now shows that it is empowering for the children to roughhouse with their father regardless of gender. Girls as well as boys benefit from the rough and tumble playing with their Dads, because this allows them to achieve a "victory" over a more powerful adult. It helps them emotionally as well as physically-- so, all you Fathers out there let the games begin! It might be a good idea for the Mothers to take a long hot bath with the music turned on high!

All About You!

Tune in today to KSBI TV OK52 @ at 11 a.m., I will be talking with host Kealey McIntire about missing areas in your home's floor plan. I will be a more regular guest after my summer trip. If you have any questions you'd like for me to answer you can post them on All About You's Facebook page, the link is enclosed for your convenience.

Eco-Friendly baby!

Last week my daughter Reina and I were invited to a baby shower of a dear friend. We found that she and her husband were registered at The Green Bambino, owned by Morgan Harris. We had the pleasure of meeting Morgan; she has turned her passion into a thriving local business. This store should be in my recycle tip of the month, because it sells cloth diapers that can be used again and again. Saving our landfills from 49 MILLION diapers dumped per day! The store also sells eco friendly detergents, organic baby care products as well as cotton toys. The Green Bambino is located at 5113 N. Shartel Ave., though soon to move to a larger space in the same shopping complex. You can call them at 405.848.2330 to find out more.


I am going to drive to Nova Scotia and then catch a ferry to Newfoundland. Then, I am going to drive across all the Canadian Provinces to Vancouver. Canada's Hi-Way 1 is the longest national hi-way on the planet. It was completed in 1962 joining east Canada to west. I found out that Newfoundland has it's own time zone... known as NFT it's a half hour ahead of Atlantic time zone! To get there you have to be on a ferry crossing the Atlantic ocean and the journey takes 6-7 hours-- not meant for those of us who suffer from sea sickness... ugh! You can follow my journey on my blog

Your recycle tip!

A baby will go through 10,000 diapers before potty training, and now many senior adults are wearing diapers too, so the count of diapers ending in landfills is astronomical! Throwing diapers away is unsanitary as well as expensive. You will spend anywhere from $2,000-$2500 per baby if you use disposable diapers. In the long run the diapers are not really disposable, they don't magically disappear, they end up polluting our ground water as well as soil. So, please consider using cloth diapers!

Your Feng Shui tip!

On my Facebook page Sunita's Feng Shui I give out daily tips, if you are interested in receiving these tips just click on the link below to join the page. Click "Like" once you are on the page and you too can join in the fun! http:/// Here's your tip for this month! It's important to take time to eat your evening meal, set the table, light some candles, turn the television off and truly savor your meal. When you nourish yourself with well-prepared food in calm, serene surroundings you will immediately benefit your health. As we get older, good health is the number one priority. Without good health, there is no point in having a long life!

As I journey northeastward, I will meet my oldest friend in Toronto, Canada. Farzana and I have been friends since we were both fifteen years old! Even though, she is a Muslim and I am a Hindu, (Hindus and Muslims are supposed to be sworn enemies!) she and I were still able to forge a strong, unwavering bond. I think children never look at the politics of the world to determine their friendships! We respect each other's views and leave the politics outside our relationship. I am looking forward to reminiscing over our decades long friendship! Please keep in touch while I am driving, I will have my laptop with me so, I am only a click away!

Set off some fireworks in honor of our Nation's Birthday!

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