A crisp fall hello!
Welcome to the October issuer of my e-newsletter.

In this issue my teaching schedule for November.
Guest chef!
My new Feng Shui page on Facebook!
Two radio shows!
Your recycle tip.
That all important Feng Shui tip.
The Festival of Lights!

Here we go!

In November I will be teaching the following classes at Francis Tuttle at their Rockwell Campus.
Monday Nov. 8, Tofu 101. 6:30-9:30 p.m.
Wednesday Nov. 10, Feng Shui. 7-9:30 p.m.

Guest Chef at the Metro!

Last night I had the privilege of being a guest chef at The Metro, here in OKC.  The owners, LaVeryl and Chris Lower gave me free reign over anything I wanted to do; no request was denied. I prepared an entire vegetarian dinner for about fifty people.  The staff at the Metro was amazing, they paid very close attention to all of my demands-- I am after all the queen of attention to detail!  My lovely daughter Reina was my trusted right hand woman; I simply could not have prepared the dinner without her help!  It was an amazing evening; all who came enjoyed their meal.  I am still floating on air from all the compliments I received.  Though, my aching feet are glad I will be resting today!

Facebook Page.
What did we all do before Facebook was invented?  I now have a Facebook page devoted entirely to Feng Shui.  You can find the page by searching "Sunita's Feng Shui".  On this page I give out daily Feng Shui tips and anything else that is of interest.  After many requests for more Feng Shui tips, I decided to create a page dedicated to that.  This way I can stay in touch with friends from across the globe and right here at home.  It's great to have a community page.  So, please click on the "Like" box and you too can follow along.

Radio show in America and Canada!

I will be on the air with Drew and Kaci on 98.9 KYIS FM on Wednesday Oct. 27 at 5p.m. This time I will be talking about your heart's desire Numerology!  Then, on Friday Nov. 5th, I will be a phone in guest doing a show on Feng Shui with my sister Shushma on RJ1200 @ 4p.m. CST.  I am excited about both these opportunities please listen in on the radio or on line!

Your Recycle tip!

Shoeboxes, every time we buy shoes we get a box with them.... what to do with these boxes?  Well, here are a few ideas to reuse them!  With the cost of storage bins and organizational boxes, save money by turning your shoeboxes into decorative storage containers. Use contact paper or any decorative adhesive paper to cover the shoebox. These can also be used for shipping items.
Here's your Feng Shui tip!
The artist within me loves this tip; paint your mailbox something fun, colorful and eye catching, especially if your business is home based. This will encourage more business through the mail, and every time you look at the mailbox it will bring a smile to your face!


Diwali is our Holiday; it is also called the Festival of Lights.  This year it will be celebrated on Friday Nov. 5th.  Diwali is celebrated on the lunar calendar, so it's never on the same day; but we know it's on a new moon towards the end of October or beginning of November.  As a child I loved Diwali; my mother would prepare our favorite dishes to eat and I would get a brand new dress to wear.  We lit fireworks in the evening.  Our house would sparkle at night from all the tiny candles lit in each room and the aroma of the wonderful dishes wafted through our home.  Now, as I make the same foods for my children I am reminded of my childhood.  Interesting to see how different cultures celebrate and yet we have so much in common.  If, you happen to come across a Hindu on Friday Nov. 5th wish them a Happy Diwali and watch them be amazed that you know about this festive holiday!

As always I am delighted to hear from you, so please drop me a line.  I would love to hear from you!

I love the sound of rustling leaves on the ground!

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