Hello from the beautiful Northwest!
Welcome to the June issue of my e-newsletter.

In this issue the following topics:

My road trip to the Northwest!
Pet portrait artist!
A great restaurant find.
A wonderful personal trainer!
Your recycle tip.
Your Feng Shui tip.

The summer of painting begins!

I am in Portland; the road trip getting here was quite uneventful.  I do enjoy the open road, getting to enjoy this country cruising at my own pace.  I didn't have time to stop too much because getting to Portland was more important.  On my way back to Oklahoma I will take my time driving through the Grand Teton National Park.  Right now, I am staying in a charming apartment set in the midst of pristine northwest acreage.  The view from my office is a park like setting, overlooking a babbling brook with a gazebo tucked away under towering cedars.  My hosts Judi and Mike are very considerate and caring.  I feel very welcomed in their piece of heaven on Earth!  For the next little while, my daily plan is to spend as much time as possible with my son and daughter in law, and also paint as much as possible!

Sara, my artist daughter-in-law!

Sara is a gifted artist who specializes in pet portraits.  Check out her website www.saramohan.com.  You can send her your pet's photograph and she will create a portrait in acrylics that will capture the personality of your dog or cat.  While I owned my gallery 'Starry Starry Arts' I used to carry Sara's unusual greeting cards.  I always had a hard time keeping the cards in stock, they were so popular. A pet portrait is a perfect gift for that hard to shop for person, so look into Sara's unique talent!

Cool Greens.

Before I left for Portland, my friend Randy Alvarado invited me to lunch at this unusual restaurant in Nichols Hills Plaza in OKC.  As a vegetarian, I am always seeking veggie friendly restaurants.  You can build your own custom made salad, or order one of many different varieties of salads.  The salad makers are fast and cheerful and within minutes you will have a fresh delicious salad.  The lunch hour is very busy, so my recommendation would be to go either at 11:30 a.m. or after 1 p.m.  Give this restaurant a try and let me know what you think?

Casey a personal trainer!

My daughter Reina has been working out with Casey Howard in OKC.  Casey will come to your home and personally train you one on one.  She brings all the workout equipment you will need and for an hour she will work out with you.  Showing you the proper way to weight train, build upper body strength, work on your core muscles and much more.  You can contact Casey at the following address, caseyhoward1@hotmail.com.

Your recycle tip!

This tip comes from my son Mahesh, also a committed environmentalist!  He had some coffee stains on his light coloured carpet; being a conscientious person he researched for the best environmentally safe product on the market and he found Biokleen.  It contains live enzyme cultures that attack organic waste and odors until they are gone.  It removes stains and odors in carpets and washrooms and is gentle to the skin.  Another added bonus; products by Biokleen have not been tested on animals, nor do they have animal ingredients!  Having seen my son's carpet before and after, I plan to get Biokleen for my home.  You can find this product on www.biokleenhome.com.

Your Feng Shui tip!

Here's a cheery Feng Shui tip; yellow just happens to be my favorite colour!  Paint your kitchen a soft yellow or, a bright sunflower yellow colour to enhance your digestive ability.  If, too much yellow is not your forte, then, have a few yellow accents in your kitchen.  Yellow is also the colour that encourages good conversations!  Never paint your bedroom or a child's bedroom in yellow; it's too lively a colour for restful sleep.  Keep your kitchen clutter free and brightly lit, that will help with finances!

Please drop me a line, I am not homesick for Oklahoma yet, though, I would love to hear from friends back home, share with me your adventures!  You can share my adventure on sunitasitara.blogspot.com.

Enjoy fireworks on our nation's B-day!

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