Welcome to the May issue of my e-newsletter.

In this issue my teaching schedule for June!
Road trip!
Mama Mia.
Your recycle tip.
Your Feng Shui tip.

On June 11th I will be at the Stillwater Library giving a seminar on Feng Shui.  Beyond that in June I will not be teaching any classes.  I plan to be on the road.  I am going to visit my son and daughter in law in Oregon and then north to Vancouver BC to visit my siblings.

The call of the open road!

I think my most favorite thing to do in the summer is to drive north to Canada!  I have been a road junkie since 1980.  That was the year my sister and I headed north with three children, my son, daughter and nephew all under the age of 5!  Now that I look back on that trip, I am amazed at the spunk it took for two young women to take such an epic journey with three toddlers in tow.  Here's the scary part-- none of the children ever wore seat belts.... I know, sounds so bad now-- doesn't it?  We took three weeks getting to Vancouver, stopping whenever the spirit moved us.  We had no real agenda.  What a way to travel!  This year, the trip will be shorter, I think I will go through Yellowstone National Park and then head west towards Portland.  I am going to spend my summer painting; I have a few galleries that want to sell my paintings.  I am looking forward to this much- needed break!  Follow me on my journey on my blog:


We call her by many different names, Mom, Mum, Mother, Mama, but in the end they all mean the same thing, the woman who brought us into this world.  Carried us for nine months and then nurtured us through our infancy and beyond.  I tell both my children, I feel like it's Mother's day everyday because both of them show me daily how much they appreciate me. Yeah, I know, glug, glug!  But, I truly feel this way, I genuinely feel blessed everyday and am so grateful to have children (now young adults) who like me and want to spend time with me.  My relationship with my mother was also special, though not as endearing as the one I have with my offspring.  I did share a special bond with my mother.  I was born on her birthday and she and I had many similar interests.  I think of her daily and I miss her daily.  Everyday I send her a silent prayer letting her know how much she meant to me.  Whether your Mum is on the planet or not, I hope you will take a moment to send her your appreciation.

Your recycle tip.

Here's a timely tip for your garden: Mulch!  By adding mulch to your flowerbeds, your soil will retain moisture, you will have to water your plants less and it will actually keep the ground cooler for the plants.  In the winter, mulch acts as a blanket for the plants keeping tender roots from being damaged by harsh winter conditions.  Adding a 3" layer of mulch will suppress weeds, which means less time working in the garden and more time enjoying the foliage.

Your Feng Shui tip for this month.

Since June is THE month for tying the knot, I thought I would give you a tip to keep your love life sizzling!  If, you own a king size bed find a red fitted sheet and put it on the box springs-- yes the box springs.  This action will "seal" the split in the two twin size box springs under your king mattress and will also bring passion into your relationship.  Even if you have a queen bed, go ahead and put the red sheet on your box springs, it won't hurt, and may add the ardor you are looking for!

I am so glad that so many of you enjoyed the "mini" financial newsletter I sent a couple of weeks ago.  I am always mindful of not sending too many e-mails, I was encouraged to see that my newsletters are appreciated.  I will send more "minis" in the near future.  As always, I am very happy to receive your comments, so keep 'um coming!

Enjoy Memorial Day!

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