A warm hello to one and all!
Welcome to the April issue of my e-newsletter.

In this month's issue:
My teaching schedule for May.
Ruminations over past decisions.
OKC Festival of the Arts.
My KYIS FM segment with Drew and Kaci.
Your recycle tip.
And, an awwwwesome  Feng Shui tip!

So, here we go!

During the month of May, I will be teaching the following classes at Francis Tuttle at their Rockwell campus:

Feng Shui May 4th 7-9:30 p.m.
Cuisine of India May 6th. 6:30-9:30p.m.
Numerology May 19th. 7-9:30p.m.
Tofu 101 May 25th 6:30-9:30p.m.

Decisions, decisions!

At this time of the year, I am always transported to the past.  Perhaps it has to do with new energy on the planet; we are after all in the throngs of spring, time of renewal!  I look back at the decisions made and wonder about the path not chosen.  I have always watched Star Trek (the T.V. show) religiously... I know, I know-- nerd alert!  One episode in particular has always fascinated me.  It's where all possible realities converge at once.  We as the viewers are able to see where different decisions led the crew of the Star Ship Enterprise in infinite realities.  I am always curious about my alternate realities.  The friendships left by the wayside, the choices made to be in or, out of a relationship.  People who leave a footprint on your heart, and people who leave an ache in your heart.  I ponder over the course of action and how different circumstances would be, had I chosen an alternate route?  In the end I always come to the same conclusion:  I am who I am today because of the options I chose.  Would I change anything?  No, I think not, I have no regrets in the decisions I have made in my life. I stand by all my choices, and that is a good feeling!  No doubt, there are an infinite Sunitas out there musing the same scenario!

Festival of the Arts!

As some of you know, art is my first love--Tuesday April 20th marks the beginning of the 44th annual Arts Festival.  It will run through Sunday April 25th.  I have been working with the committee that showcases artists demonstrating their skills.  I wanted to add a new element to this genre by bringing in young emerging artists of Oklahoma showing off their abilities.  I thought this would be a great opportunity for Oklahoma to showcase its young artists.  The different Universities, colleges and other organizations participating are: OBU, St. Gregory's University, Rose State College, UCO, The Venue, Stillwater Multi Arts Center, University of Science & Arts of Oklahoma and artists affiliated with ArtBeat Oklahoma.  These young artists will be able to show their expertise in their chosen medium at the Arts Festival, without costing them fees charged to professional artists.  It's a win-win situation!  So, take out a day, go downtown and take in some art.  Support your local artists!  I will be there for the entire day on Saturday April 24th.  Stop by and visit me at the Artful Experience tents near Stage Center.

Drew and Kaci on 98.9 KYIS FM!

I will be on the air with Drew and Kaci on Friday May 7th, this time we will go back to talking about Numerology.  Call in 460-9899; I would love to hear from you!

Recycle, Recycle, Recycle!

Do you think you are helping the planet survive when you recycle?  Actually, you are not!  The planet will survive; it's humanity that is at peril!  By reusing, reducing and recycling you are helping us survive.  If, we don't recycle, we are depleting our own natural resources and making our lives and our descendants lives more difficult.  So, think about that the next time you throw away another plastic water bottle, or don't recycle that aluminum can, or let the water run while shaving or brushing your teeth.  Anytime you squander resources, you are making your life harder.  It costs more to make new aluminum, but less to recycle it.  By not recycling you are causing the cost of that soda can to be higher.  When you recycle, you are helping yourself.  You are making your own future better.  That will put a different spin on your outlook.

Your fabulous FS tip!

This tip has to do with moola, dough, bucks, hard cash, greenbacks, loot, funds, wealth, riches, wages, dinero... you catch my drift?!  Money is needed everyday.  So, here's a  two-part strategy to making more and spending less.  Part one: keep your stove clean, I mean sparkling clean!  This is one surefire way to bring in more money.  Don't ask me how this simple cure works, but it does!  Part two:  How to spend less?  Buy only the things you absolutely love!  It's very straightforward; when buying anything, ask yourself, "Do I LOVE this?"  If, the answer is not a resounding YES, then step away from the item.  Try these easy actions and watch your money grow, because that is what money wants to do--multiply!
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Enjoy the breezes of spring!

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