Welcome to the March issue of my e-newsletter.

In this issue my teaching schedule for the month of April.
A doctor for all seasons.
My upcoming KYIS segment.
Your recycle tip.
That all important Feng Shui tip.

Let's get started!

In April I will be teaching the following courses at Francis Tuttle at their Rockwell campus.

Thursday April 1, Feng Shui.
Tuesday April 6, Feng Shui refresher course.
Wednesday April 14, Gourmet Vegetarian Dinner.
Tuesday April 20, Numerology.
Thursday April 29, Tofu 101.
I always enjoy seeing familiar faces, so join me!

Doctor, doctor...

For the past ten years I have had knee pain.  This comes from being a cross country runner in my youth.  After having tried pain killers and even minor knee surgery, the pain had not diminished.  That is until I went to see Dr. Amit Gumman, he is a doctor of medicine, doctor of Acupuncture and doctor of Ayurvedic medicine.  With his knowledge in "alternative" medicine, I felt sure I would be in good hands.  Though, I am afraid of needles, I have persevered in getting treatments from Dr. Gumman because those tiny acupuncture needles have relieved pain in both my knees. I am back to enjoying walking (not running... my running days are over!) at Lake Hefner.  Acupuncture can cure a host of ailments and Dr. Gumman's knowledge in the ancient Ayruvedic medicine gives him an edge western doctors don't have.  You can reach Dr. Gumman at Harmony Healing Center, 405. 927.4325. Or, check out his website  Think alternatively before you decide to take medications which may impair your vital organs.

Drew and Kaci!

I will be on the air with Drew and Kaci on Thursday April 1st at 5 p.m. This time I think we will let the listeners decide what they want to ask me.  Kind of like stump the guest with questions.  I will answer questions on Numerology and Feng Shui.  Please tune in and listen or, call in 405.460.9899.  You can also listen on line

Your recycle tip.

Glug, glug, glug. That's the sound a ginormous number of us make as we drink bottled water in our cars, at the gym, and behind our desks.  The sound you don't hear is the thwack of 60 million bottles a day being tossed into U.S. landfills, where they can take up to 1,000 years to biodegrade.  If that's not enough to turn your conscience a brighter shade of green, add this: Producing those bottles burns through 1.5 million barrels of crude oil annually -- enough fuel to keep 100,000 cars running for a year. Recycling helps, but reusing and reducing are even better. So invest in a couple of portable, dishwasher-safe, stainless steel bottles like Klean Kanteens that won't leach nasty chemicals into your water. Don't get into the habit of refilling the plastic water bottle you just emptied; the polyethylene terephthalate it's made of breaks down with multiple uses.

Feng Shui tip for this month.

I don't know when we are going to get warmer weather?  My tip for this month was going to be cleaning your windows, but it's too cold to be washing windows!  So, your tip for this month is: how to invite new situations into your life?  Gather up clothes and items you no longer need and donate them.  The minute you remove things you no longer use, you clear space in your home and life for something new to enter.  For more money to come into your life, donate money.  For friendship to come into your life, donate time to a non profit organization.  For romance to find you, move out of your comfort zone and meet new people.  You never know where you will find Mr. or Ms. right?!

My sister came to visit me for her spring break, she is a teacher.  Since my family lives in the beautiful city of Vancouver BC, I have a hard time competing with such an amazing city.  I decided I needed to show her the uniqueness of OKC.  We trotted off to the OKC Museum of art, she was duly impressed by the Chihuly exhibit!  I took her to the Paseo art district, she was able to find the perfect gift to give to her niece, my daughter!  We walked along Lake Hefner.  We ate at many fine restaurants and we talked until the wee hours of the morning.  OKC can't compete with Vancouver's beauty, though, as my sister put it so eloquently "Oklahomans have a down to earth charm about themselves, which is hard to find anywhere else".  I agree with her.

As, always I enjoy your responses to my e-newsletter, so please do drop me a line.

I am dreaming of spring!


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