Happy New Year!
Welcome to the first issue of my e-newsletter for the year 2010!

In this issue my teaching schedule for the month of February.
2010 Numerology.
Birthday Girl!
Your third annual Manifesto for year 2010!
Resolutions--to make them, or not-- that is the question?
A talented scribe...
Your recycle tip.
Your brand new Feng Shui tip.

So, let's get started!

These are the classes I will be teaching during February at Francis Tuttle at their Rockwell campus.
Wednesday Feb. 3 Tofu 101.
Tuesday Feb. 9 Numerology.
Thursday Feb. 11 vegetarian Indian cuisine.
Wednesday Feb. 17 Gourmet vegetarian dinner.
Thursday Feb. 25 Feng Shui refresher course.

Year 2010.

This will be a Universal 3 year. Expect lighthearted energy surrounding this year. I think the Stock Market will do well this year and people in general will be in a happier space. This will definitely be a party year!

Happy birthday to me.

January is my birthday month. One day is simply not enough to celebrate one's birthday, so, I declared the month of January as my birthday month. I was born on my mother and grandmother's birthday and, both my mother and I were born on a full moon! Yes, I have been teased about the full moon connection-- often. I, on the other hand view being born on a full moon as an advantage, like being full of optimism, or, full of creativity and potential. I was born on January 12-- a lucky number as far as Numerology is concerned, I feel doubly blessed.

Your 2010 Manifesto!

1. Celebrate the new year!
2. Indulge the one you love!
3. Enjoy spring break!
4. Pay Uncle Sam his fair share!
5. Dance around the May Pole!
6. Walk barefoot on the Summer Solstice!
7. Declare your Independence from all things mundane!
8. Raft the Amazon River!
9. Work hard, play even harder!
10. Play dress up and celebrate "All Hallows Eve"!
11. Celebrate "Diwali" the ancient Hindu *festival of lights*!
12. Give thanks!
13. Dance away the longest night of the year during the Winter Solstice!

New Year Resolutions.

I don't make resolutions. I feel resolutions have too high a failure rate. Instead, I have the same agenda I keep year after year. One could argue my agenda is one long resolution. My agenda is simple: I strive to do better every year. I am mindful of my health all year long. I remember to tell the ones I care about how I feel towards them. I stay focused on; what goes around comes around. I recall the jewels of wisdom my mother handed down to me. And, I remember other nuggets of sagacity, I gleaned from various sources. Above all else, I keep in mind that we are here for all too fleeting a time, so I pause and admire the beauty and wonder of this planet everyday! I hope you too are amazed and galvanized by your life.

My talented son, the writer!

My son, Mahesh Raj Mohan, has decided to strike out on his own as a freelance writer! Please check out his website www.maheshrajmohan.com. For those of you needing any type of copy written, Mahesh is your "go to man"! He wrote most of the copy for my new website. He has been an aspiring writer since the fourth grade. He knew back then he wanted to be a writer! If you have an idea, but you're just not sure *how* to word it, he can help you find the perfect words! Are you starting a new business, but you don't know what kind of content to use? Do you want to brush up your resume, but you're not sure how? Mahesh can help you! His rates are affordable, and a dedication to make sure your words look their best.

Recycle tip.

Since this is my birthday month issue, my thoughts turned towards birthday cards. Last year I came to the conclusion that sending B-day cards was not very ecological minded. So, I decided not to send any or receive any B-day cards. Cards are made from paper and paper is made from trees. Processing trees is a tremendous drain on our natural resources. We are lucky now, we can send E-cards or wish our friends happy birthday on the numerous social sites out there such as Facebook, or Twitter. By not sending a birthday card you will safeguard trees, save on postage, money and preventing another card from ending up in a landfill eventually.

Your Feng Shui tip.

In order to revitalize your life, get rid of dead plants, and dried flowers. Anything dead robs your home and you of alive energy. I especially dislike dead animals, or fish stuffed and mounted on the wall. Not only are you surrounded by dead energy, you are also surrounded by the anguish of the animal/fish at the moment of it's death. That type of energy lingers in your home for as long as the mounted animal remains. You want to be surrounded by vital, alive energy in your home. Your home is your sanctuary, treat it as such.

Thank you to so many of you who sent your New Year well wishes, as always I am happy to get e-mails from you. Stay connected!

May all your hopes and desires come to fruition in 2010!
If you wish to be removed from this e-newsletter, please let me know and I would be happy to oblige.

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