Welcome to fall!
And, welcome to the October issue of my e-newsletter!

In this issue, as usual, my teaching schedule for the month of November.
A fast food Indian restaurant in OKC?!
On the air with Drew and Kaci too!
Spirit Fair.
Your recycle tip.
And your all important Feng Shui tip.

Here we go.

In November I will be teaching the following courses at Francis Tuttle:
Nov. 3, Feng Shui.
Nov. 4, vegetarian Indian cooking.
Nov. 12, Numerology.

Desi Biryani & Grill.

About a week ago, I was on my way home from the airport, going north on Meridian, when I happen to notice a sign that said Desi food. Now, this word may not mean anything to the rest of Americans out there.... the word 'Desi' in Hindi means a person from south Asia. Intrigued, I pulled into the parking lot to check out this fast food Indian restaurant. Now, Indian food is anything but fast food, trust me, I speak from experience! To my surprise, the food was good, they had a variety of dishes. Among them were quite a few vegetarian choices too. As an environmentalist, I generally don't go to fast food joints. I may have to make an exception in this case, however I will take my own containers to bring the food back home.
The convenience of driving up to a window and actually getting to eat Indian food is a novel idea. The address incase you wish to venture out is: 4500 NW 10th St. It's on the corner of Meridian and NW 10th, check it out and let me know what you think.


I will be on the air with Drew and Kaci too on Tuesday October 20 at 5 p.m. Please tune in and listen. I will be discussing the type of tomorrow listeners can expect according to their own personal numerology. You can call in to the show at 405.460. 9899 or listen on line.

Spirit Fair OKC.

I will be at the spirit Fair in OKC on Nov. 14, &15 at the La Quinta Inn at 800 S. Meridian. I will be giving a lecture on Numerology, as well as doing Numerology and Tarot readings. The admission to this event is $6.00 per person, per day. The Spirit Fair has many alternative type of healers as well as Metaphysical practitioners. Check it out!

Your recycle tip.

For the past twenty years I have used Shaklee laundry detergent. This is an eco-friendly product, it is fragrance free, biodegradable, has no phosphates or, chlorine and is hypoallergenic! How cool is that?! For those of you who have the High Energy front loading washers (kudos to you!), Shaklee has a special detergent for your amazing, efficient machines too. This company also makes a host of other eco-friendly home cleaning products as well as vitamins and beauty aid products. This is also the official detergent of the White House and the Vice President's household too. The OKC distributor of Shaklee is Duane Hoover. You can reach him at duane-hoover@cox.net. Or call him at 946-8286.
For those of you not living in the OKC area please go to www.shaklee.com to find the nearest distributor.

Your Feng Shui tip.

As fall is setting in, our thoughts are naturally going to turn towards the upcoming Holiday season. In order to have good health during this stressful time of the year, have healthy green plants in your home. The energy from these plants will aid in your own health. Silk plants will also accomplish the same effect. We have had our share of drizzly, rainy, overcast days, here in OKC. I am not a fan of foggy days, reminds me too much of when I lived in London. Overcast days do bring about gloomy emotions in some people, having fresh flowers, green plants or, solar tubes do help to minimize feelings of foreboding.

Halloween is just around the corner, enjoy this ancient time of celebration by dressing up and having fun! Please do drop me a line. I always look forward to hearing from you.

Eat candy!
My best wishes to you all.

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