September 2009

A warm Hello to one and all!

Welcome to the September issue of my e-newsletter.

In this issue, my teaching schedule for October.

A lecture on Feng Shui at INTEGRIS.

Willie Nelson!

Your recycle tip.

And a fabulous Feng Shui tip!

So, let's get started!

In October I will be teaching the following classes/courses at Francis Tuttle. Oct. 14 Veggie Indian cooking. Oct 22, Numerology.


Lecture on Feng Shui at INTEGRIS.

On Monday October 26, I will be speaking about the benefits of Feng Shui at the center for Mind, Body and Spirit. The lecture will be presented at Pacer Fitness center 5520 N. Independence from 6:30 -8:00 p.m. This is a free session for the public-- a bargain since I charge beaucoup amounts of money for a consultation! Call 405.951.2277 to make a reservation. Please join me.


Willie Nelson?!

Why would I be writing about Willie Nelson? Well, I just happen to have seen him in a private concert he gave for my dear friend Gene on Friday night. Now, generally I am not a fan of country music, but hey, this is the legendary Willie Nelson! And, of course getting to celebrate this event with Gene and a few hundred of his friends and family was a once in a lifetime event. The evening was amazing and I got to hear one of my most favorite songs... "On the road again". It might as well be the theme for my life!


Recycle story for this month.

Instead of a tip this month, I have an interesting tidbit to share with you. Last month I attended the Sierra Club meeting on living plants as roof material! I had visions of being able to use plants as my roof and never have to replace a single shingle! To my disappointment not so! Though, there are companies that are using this innovation for the rooftops of buildings. The building does have to have a flat roof, or a roof with a slight angle. One company who is using this method is the Ford Motor Company. My esteem for this company did improve! Using organic material for the rooftop does lower green house gasses. Since the plant material is actually planted in dirt, rainwater is used for nourishment and less water is wasted in runoff. It would be wonderful if all the strip malls and giant malls of America with their flat roofs could convert their roofs to organic plant material. Just think of the energy saved because the buildings would actually stay cooler! If only, I could run the planet!


Your Feng Shui tip!

Make sure all the doors in your home are in good condition. Doors that squeak or, don't close properly, or get stuck, will hamper "Chi" (energy) from coming into your rooms. A front door in disrepair will not allow opportunities to come to you. Painting your front door red will give your life an added boost. If, your desire is to bring new possibilities into your life, painting your door red will send out a strong message into the world. Be daring, try it!

As always, I am thrilled to hear from you. Getting mail from you is a true high point of my day. So, please do write and let me know your thoughts. I am grateful for having crossed paths with you.

Enjoy these last days of summer!



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