August 2009

Good morning and welcome to the August issue of my e-newsletter!

In this issue, as always, my teaching schedule for the coming month of September.
Road trip highlights.
Another veggie friendly restaurant find!
Your recycle tip.
And, that all important Feng Shui tip.

During the month of September I will be teaching the following classes at Francis Tuttle.
Sept. 8 Tofu 101, this class has been very popular, you will learn to decipher the enigma known as tofu!
Sept. 17, vegetarian Indian cooking.
Sept. 24 Feng Shui.

The road trip.

I enjoy the open road. I like to have my own schedule, my destiny in my own hands, instead of, in the hands of the airlines. Air travel is not what it used to be anymore and airports are a place of total frustration. This road trip had many moments of deja vu. I retraced different trips I had taken with both my children. There was a sense of sadness because both of them are grown and we rarely take family trips anymore. The statement you can't go home again is so true, the childhood memories are just that-- cemented in childhood. That time does not return. I was made aware of that while I was in Vancouver with my siblings, we did reminisce about our childhood escapades, but it was just that; remembering times together. Each time I go to Canada we forge new memories and the old ones are relived. On this trip, I visited the Grand Canyon again. We have been there several times, this time I was alone. Memories of other trips came into focus and I was wistful. I am glad I spent each summer with both my children traveling, otherwise now I would have regrets. I don't have regrets, I only wish those summers months had lasted longer.

Another restaurant find.

For this restaurant, you will have to travel farther than the outskirts of OKC. You'll need to travel to Shawnee. I used to live in Shawnee, this restaurant opened after I moved to the city. It's a Chinese restaurant called Maple Garden, it's on Independence street in Shawnee in the Del Plaza shopping center. Take I-40 east, take the Harrison street exit, stay on Harrison until you get to Independence street turn right (west) and it will be on your left. The food is really good, and they have vegetarian choices. Try it!

Your recycle tip.
No one ever wants to talk about this recycle tip. It has to do with toilet paper. Okay, people... we are going to have to talk about this. Most of you are using too much toilet paper while taking care of business in the bathroom! I am sorry, someone has to talk about this subject matter. As an environmentalist, I have to address this delicate issue! My recommendation is one to two squares of paper. I know I am hearing collective cries of "Say it isn't so". All I am suggesting is-- think about it-- please! Limiting TP use, means less virgin forest being clear cut, just for the sake of making toilet paper. Choosing recycled chlorine-free paper is something we can all do. If your local supermarket doesn't stock it, demand that they do!

Your Feng Shui tip.

During tough economic times people are more concerned with money. Here is a simple way to keep your finances in tip top shape. Keep your cooking stove clean and uncluttered. A dirty stove stagnates the flow of wealth. Anytime you are feeling the money pinch, give your stove a good scrubbing, pull the stove out, clean behind it, around it, under it. An unclean stove can contribute to money entanglements.

Please share your thoughts with me, I always look forward to your comments. And, as always I am grateful that you are on this journey with me.

Enjoy Labour Day!

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