June 2009

Greetings one and all!

Welcome to the June issue of my e-newsletter! This newsletter is going to be packed with information, so hold on.

In this issue you will find my teaching schedule for July.
The address of my new website--yeah!
My column on Feng Shui being published in a local magazine--yeah, yeah!
Numerology with Drew and Kaci too on KYIS FM--yeah again!
Thoughts on living in an independent country.
A great restaurant in OKC for Veggie choices.
Your recycle tip.
Your Feng Shui tip!

Here we go!
On July 8, I will be teaching vegetarian Indian cooking at Francis Tuttle.
On July 30 Tofu 101, also at FT.


After months of TLC devoted to my new website, it will see the dawn of light during the month of July. I am in the process of writing the copy for all the pages. Once on the site, you will be able to schedule Feng Shui consultations. Sign up for Numerology charts, or Tarot readings. Buy gourmet spice mixtures, and Feng Shui crystals. Check on the classes I will be teaching. There will be links to all the different community related events I am associated with. I am so happy with the website, Marc Barker and his band of miracle workers have done a superb job with this website.

A monthly column!

I have been asked to write a monthly column on Feng Shui for Saturday Magazine. It's the magazine produced by Oklahoma City's Friday paper. The last column was on how to keep your love life sizzling with the help of Feng Shui. Readers ask me questions about Feng Shui and I answer them in the column. I am very grateful to Vicki Clark Gourley for giving me this amazing opportunity!

Radio waves.

I will be on the air with Drew and Kaci too on Thursday July 9 at 5 p.m., on 98.9 KYIS FM. I'll talk about how Numerology can help with jobs and career choices. In this economy every trick in the book can aid people with finding a good career. So, please tune in and listen, or call with your questions. The number to call is 460.9899.

Independence day!

After my trip to Washington DC, I have a new appreciation for this country. Seeing the Declaration of Independence was memorable. A document written so long ago, filled with so much hope and freedom for future generations to come. Granted in the past eight years I was not sure where our civil liberties were going to. But, I felt very proud reading the faded weathered pages. I enjoyed my journey to DC. There is too much to see in DC, but we managed to see the Air and Space Museum, the Natural History Museum. The Lincoln Memorial and the Vietnam Memorial. I spent five days there with my son in May. It was enjoyable to spend time in his company.


My daughter and I went to Zorba's on May Avenue and I was pleasantly surprised to find many vegetarian choices on the menu. We ordered a veggie platter which included falafel, stuffed grape leaves, Greek salad, humus, pita bread and my personal favorite-- Spanacopita! It's a fillo dough pastry filled with spinach and feta cheese-- yum! Please try this great restaurant.

Your recycle tip!

I was watching a show on how the economy has hit the auto industry so hard. But, there is one company that is using the expertise of auto workers and the brains of the Silicon Valley to manufacture wind turbines for homeowners. Mariah Power in Michigan is making wind turbines for about $8,000. I checked their website mariahpower.com and also found a local dealer at Texok land company in Elk city. I am certainly going to follow up on this concept and see if I can harness the Oklahoma wind to power my energy needs. Please check this out, the more we can rely on natural resources to power us the better our future be.

Your Feng Shui tip.

Freedom day is just around the corner. I would like for all of you to declare your Independence from procrastination! Here's a simple way to energize your home and yourself. Find a musical instrument for e.g. a drum, bell, whistle, or chime. Walk through your home and beat the drum. It does not matter if you are not musically inclined, trust me, I am not! I walk through my house clapping, dancing and singing a favorite song. It's a good thing I live alone! By walking through your home singing, dancing or playing an instrument, you will awaken energy that has been stagnant. And, you will notice your home through fresh eyes. Try this simple exercise and you will notice an immediate uplifting of your mood. You'll be happy you sang to your furniture!

A final thought.

The past few months I have been traveling quite a lot. Seeing people from all walks of life. I came to the conclusion that my parents were really good people. I did tell my mother how much I appreciated her. I didn't get the opportunity to tell my father, we lost him all too soon. As I write this today, I am very grateful for having the parents I did. And, I feel blessed for having two children who are caring of my feelings. They both have impeccable manners. They are kind, loving, generous and attentive towards their old mother!

As always, I enjoy getting your responses to my e-newsletters, so please do write. I look forward to connecting with you.

Hot days of summer are here, enjoy!

If you wish to be removed from this e-newsletter, please let me know and I would be happy to oblige.

Sunita Sitara.
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