May 2009

A Sunny hello to all!

I am missing seeing the sun, so I am hoping to coax the clouds to move out of the way!
Welcome to the May issue of my e-newsletter.
This issue will have my teaching schedule.
Father's day!
Another road trip?!
Your recycle tip.
And, that all important Feng Shui tip.

In the month of June, I will be teaching the following classes at Francis Tuttle.
June 10 vegetarian Indian cooking.
June 11 Numerology.
June 16 Feng Shui.
June 25 How to cook with Tofu! A busy schedule indeed.

Father's day.

Once again, the day to honor our fathers is upon us. As I discussed last month, having just one day to honor our mother or father is not enough. Every day should be parents day. As some of you may know, my siblings and I lost our father when I was only eighteen. We have had to construct our father from our fragmented memories. I have come to the conclusion that my laid back parenting style has to come from my father. My mother was... shall we say a force of nature! I am wistful when I see fathers interacting with their children. My time with my Dad was all too short. I am really glad that more fathers are involved with their children than ever before. I know that an intact, well functioning family unit is the best possible atmosphere for children. Sometimes that is not possible, too many families are torn apart by divorces. But, I am heart warmed to see joint custody families. Boys and girls need both their parents. I know quite a few divorced men who take care of their children part of the week. I am not sure what effect house switching has on a child, but I am sure, getting to spend time with both parents equally has to be positive. Kudos to single Dads out there as well as Dads of all persuasions. Have a very happy and fulfilling Father's day!

The open road!

It's almost summer time! So, it must be time for a road trip. This time I am planning on going to the east coast. I have never been to Washington D.C. So, with car packed I am leaving this weekend. Hence, the reason for the newsletter being sent earlier this month. This is a mother son vacation. I hardly get to spend time with my son, so we are going to see our nation's capital and take in all the monuments and museums. I will drive through the Smokey Mountains, but before I get there, a visit to Graceland is a must! I will be chronically this trip in my blog too. If, you are interested-- follow along at


Do you get the impression that I am passionate about recycling?! Today we need to address "The scourge of the earth"--plastic bags #@&#! These little devils were introduced to the world in 1970 and now more than 500 billion are produced worldwide every year. Ireland has applied a tax against the bags, which cut their use by 95%. Bangladesh has completely banned plastic bags in the entire country! A plastic bag in the landfill will take a thousand years to decompose while releasing toxins into the ground. The best thing to do is-- refuse a plastic bag at the grocery store, or any other store. Take your own canvas bags instead. Most people tell me they reuse the bags, well, I am sorry to say that is not enough. These bags end up in the landfill, or worse in our oceans endangering our aquatic life. So, the best solution is not to bring one home in the first place.

Feng Shui tip.

It's time to spring clean~! Sweep the walkway to your front door, to bring in new opportunities into your life. Clean the windows to remove the winter malaise from the eyes of your house. Scrub the stove top and clean out the oven. The stove in your kitchen reflects your finances. This is where you prepare food to feed your family. Keep it clutter free and sparkling clean!


It's hard to believe, Memorial day will be here soon and school will be out for the summer. The older I get the faster the calendar seems to be moving along! I hope you will take the time to spend time with loved ones during the lazy hazy days of summer. I know I plan to.
As always I love to hear from you so please do write.

Enjoy the smell of freshly cut grass!


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