March 2009

Nameste Everyone!

Nameste, in Hindi means, I honor the God spirit within you.
In this e-newsletter my teaching schedule for April.
Trip highlights from my Indian adventure.
Singles Mingle helpmate?
Your recycle tip
And, your Feng Shui tip!

So, let's get started!
I will be teaching Feng Shui on April 7. Vegetarian Indian cooking on April 21. Hope to see some familiar face and new people at either or both of these classes.

Incredible India!

This month's e-newsletter is late due to my travel schedule. I spent this whole month in India. My dear friend Gene suggested we go to India. A place he had always wanted to visit. So, with bags packed I was ready! We started in New Delhi, then on to Haridwar, where the Holy river Ganga (Ganges) flows with tremendous force. Then onto Kathmandu, to see Mount Everest. Then the royal Kingdom of Bhutan. Then, back to India to visit Kolkata. Then, to the south of India to see Chennai, Mahabalipuram. After this, to Goa, a beach resort, I needed to rest! Then, we were in Mumbai, Jaipur and finally Agra, to see the awe inspiring Taj Mahal! Then, back to Delhi to catch the red eye at 3a.m. to home. If any of you are interested in a larger account to this amazing trip, please check out my blog at

Singles Mingle!

I will be helping Drew and Kaci with their Singles Mingle, they sponsor on the radio. I will be helping prospective mates figure out if they are compatible with each other! So, much fun! I will let you know of the details as they are made available to me.

Your recycle tip:

While I was India, the one thing that bothered me the most was, how much trash was thrown everywhere. Since, I am a die hard environmentalist, I came up with a plan for the citizens of India. Every hotel I stayed at, I wrote to the management. I asked them to get involved with the community and start a volunteer program, where the employees get involved in cleaning up their environment. My idea was well received, I hope it will be implemented. So, my challenge to all of you is---ready? Start a program at your place of employment, your home, where everything you can recycle-- is recycled! I firmly believe, all great advances are made by the commitments of the few.

Your Feng Shui tip:

I know everyone has had to tighten their purse strings. It's a shame it takes dire set of circumstances for people as well as government to pay attention. Now that we are being frugal, if you wish to invite wealth into your life. A simple cure such as putting deep red or purple sheets on your bed will help with bringing wealth into your life. Try it and good luck. Of course, not spending money unnecessarily to begin with, will also allow wealth to stay with you!

Final thoughts about India.

My heritage is Indian, though I was not born there. So, while I was in India, I felt I belonged in a distant sort of way. I was always aware I was different and was regarded as different. Even then, it was good to be part of the majority, rather than being a minority always. There are such incredible awe inspiring places in India, which, I will not forget. There are also heartbreaking images, those, I will not forget either.

Until next month.
I am ready for Spring and my convertible!

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