February 2009

Hello and welcome to the February issue of my e-newsletter!

In this issue I will give you amazing similarities between the months on the calendar and numerology.
My awesome adventure coming up!
On the air for Fat Tuesday!
My very own Website!
Your recycle tip.
Your Feng Shui tip.

Coincidence or fact?

Well, here we are already in the second month of the year! Where did January go to? The Numerology of 2 is togetherness, harmony and love. And, coincidentally February also happens to be the month for love and Valentine's day. The number three represents life of the party. In March we have a big party known as St. Patrick's day. Number 4 represents organization, we have to be really organized for tax day! Number 5 means freedom-- we actually feel the stirrings of summer and begin long, freedom filled road trips on Memorial day. And the best coincidence is.. number 6: it represents marriage! The sixth month on the calendar is June. The highest number of weddings take place during this thirty day period. Amazing eh?!

Adventure in incredible India!

During the month of March I will not be teaching any courses. A few months ago, my dear friend Gene asked me to accompany him for a tour of India. So, I said Yes! My heritage is Indian, though, I was born in Nairobi, Kenya. I have been to India a few times. Each time I have been mesmerized by this enigmatic country. India truly is a contradiction in terms. I intend to keep a blog of our journey and those of you interested can 'tune' in and keep up with Gene and Sunita's excellent adventure!
The address for my blog is: http://www.sunitasitara.blogspot.com/


I will be with Drew and Kaci too at the Riverwind Casino on Feb. 24th. Stop by and see me or tune in to 98.9 KYIS FM on the radio. I'll be discussing Numerology insights to your name, house number or the day you were born!


That is the name of my new website! I am very excited about getting this done finally. My son Mahesh has been nagging...um... gently reminding me that I need a website! So, here it is. On the site you will be able to schedule Feng Shui consultations. Order Numerology charts. Listen to the segments with Drew, Kaci and myself. Buy my gourmet spice mixtures. Sign up for Yoga lessons. Check out my teaching schedule. Sign up for my e-newsletters. Book my services for a vegetarian feast for you and your friends..... the list goes on.

Your recycle tip:

I love to have a garden in the summer time. In preparation, I compost my veggie scraps, lawn clippings and leaf debris. It's also very handy, since I am a vegetarian. When I started composting way back in the dark ages of the 80's! I had to use a pitch fork to turn over the compost material. Let me tell you it was hard work! Nowadays there are new high tech compost containers that actually turn with a handle (made for wimps no doubt!) All kidding aside, this new technology will give you dark, rich, nutrient filled compost for your garden. Check it out at your local hardware store. Composting reduces more garbage in the landfills and it gives you free fertilizer for your summer plants, or summer veggie garden.

Your Feng Shui tip:

Many people are either losing their jobs or are in jeopardy of losing them. Usually when one door closes another one opens. Sometimes we need an incentive to chase after our dreams that got pushed to the back burner long ago. If you find yourself in the position of being in between jobs-- hang a chime by your front door. The wind will carry your name through the community and leads for a new job will come your way. Or, a new career will come knocking at your door.

I have added my signature at the end of the newsletter. This is something new. Let me know what your think?

I am truly enjoying the myriad of opportunities in my life. Most of all, I am appreciative of your acquaintance. Let me know your thoughts on the subjects I muse over. Please make suggestions as to what you want to read about in the newsletters. I enjoy your comments. So, keep 'em coming!

Enjoy the month of LOVE!


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Sunita Sitara.
Feng Shui consultant.