January 2009

Hello and welcome to the brand new issue of my e-newsletter for January '09!

This issue will have my teaching schedule for February.
My 2nd annual agenda for a new year.
What is the numerology of 2009? A very special year!
Radio guest-- again!
Your awesome recycle tip.
And a frugal Feng Shui tip!

In February I will be teaching the following courses at Francis Tuttle.
Feb. 17 Tofu 101.
Feb. 19 Numerology.

Your 2009 Agenda:

1. Make a pledge to be more mindful of your money!
2. Start recycling at least one item a day during January!
3. Send your loved one a heartfelt love letter Feb. 14!
4. Wear something green in March everyday!
5. Give Uncle Sam his share by April 15!
6. Call your mother!
7. Call your father!
8. Declare your Independence from credit cards for one month!
9. Visit the Coca-Cola factory in Atlanta, Georgia!
10. For Labour day become a vegetarian for a day!(*Sorry same as last year!)
11. Boo, scare someone!
12. Be grateful for family and friends!
13. Celebrate all things magical!

2009 A Master number year!

This year the Universal vibration of 2009 is eleven. It's a Master number, which means great things will happen on the planet this year. The last time the planet had an 11 year was in 1910. This will be a highly spiritual year on the planet. People will be interested in all types of religions. New ways of thinking and new ways of approaching difficult situations. New inventions will come to the fore. People will reconsider old inventions and improve upon them. Business may not improve but definitely people will be more altruistic, philanthropic and caring towards each other.

Numerology over the airwaves.

I have been invited back on the Drew and Kaci show on 98.9 KYIS FM. I will be doing the show with them on a monthly basis. I am very excited about this gig! Drew and Kaci are both charming and extremely easy to work with. I look forward to my regular stint with them. Stay tuned to find out how Numerology affects your daily life. From your house number to your mate!

Recycle, recycle, recycle please!

Now, most of the grocery stores have canvas grocery sacks for sale. These sacks are inexpensive and durable. The best thing about them, they are reusable. I keep the sacks in the trunk of my car and rarely bring groceries home in a plastic bag. The best way to reduce landfill clutter is not to bring home more plastic sacks. By taking your own bag, you are saving in more ways than one. The amount of new bags produced will reduce and plastic bags going into the landfill will also reduce. So, please consider buying 4-5 canvas bags. They come in handy for all your shopping needs. I usually take them even when I am clothes shopping--try it!

Frugal Feng Shui tip!

I am a penny pincher. I save all my change and deposit it into my savings account at the end of each month. I leave that money in there for a specific reason. I usually buy stock in a company. One share of a company I like which gives dividends. I buy the share from a discount brokerage firm. Every single month I purchase additional shares from the company through a dividend reinvestment program. This way I build up the shares I own by dollar cost averaging. And, I don't have to pay a broker for purchasing additional shares. There are numerous companies who will let you buy shares at a minimal cost. This is a great way to build up your stock portfolio. With stocks at such a low prices, now is the time to be a buyer.

Birthday girl!

I have had a wonderful birthday month. Thanks to all of you who sent me well wishes. I so appreciate you thinking about me. Well, it's kinda hard, since I do go on and on about my birthday month! Thank you for indulging me:-)

As always I am heartened by your comments. I look forward to your e-mails. Thank you for sharing your thoughts with me. Here's to another great year in our journey together.

Wishing you all a very Happy New Year!
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