October 2008

A cool, crisp, fall hello to everyone!
This month's e-newsletter will have my teaching schedule for November.
Some thoughts on how to overcome worries over money and learn to make more money.
Wedding bells!
your recycle tip.
Your awesome Feng Shui tip for this month.

In November I will be teaching at Francis Tuttle the following courses.
Vegetarian Indian cooking Wednesday, Nov. 12.
Feng Shui Tuesday, Nov. 18.

Pennies from Heaven!
So, you are worried about the economy? Well, instead of joining the pessimists out there, who bemoan the dire state our economy is in, join me at a positive look of where our economy is. For the first time in a long time, good stocks of solid companies are on sale right now. Rock bottom prices! The stock market is low, this is a buying opportunity. It would be a good time to do some homework and buy stocks you feel will do well in the future. Everything in life expands and contracts. Sometimes it's our waist line (not fun) and at other times it's the stock market (also not fun, but opportunity is knocking). The stock market is contracting, time to go shopping. This is a great time to buy housing. This is also a good time to take financial inventory. Start charting your expenses. Really look at where your money is going. At the end of every month, look to see where your hard earned dollar was spent. You exchanged your life energy for the money you earned, now be respectful towards yourself and know how the money was spent. It is important to stop worrying about money, because worry causes anxiety, anxiety causes sleepless nights. Sleepless nights cause your immune system to be at a disadvantage, which in turn brings you down with a physical ailment. So, instead of worrying, figure out a creative way to make more money.

Wedding bells!

My nephew is getting married on Nov 1st in Vancouver, he is like a son to me and we are all so happy to attend this joyous occasion. I plan on dancing until the wee hours of the morning! Congratulations Sudhir and Nita!

Your recycle tip:

Every recycle tip I have ever given you, saves you money. Each time you use less energy, you save money. Every time you turn the water off while brushing teeth, you save money. Every time you use a wash cloth instead of a paper towel in the kitchen, you save money. When you turn the lights off, you save money. Have all your bills deducted out of your checking account, you save money by not buying stamps. Gosh, I have saved you a lot of money--where is my cut?! This month's tip is to go paperless on all your bills. This way you will have less to file, thus reducing clutter from your desk and you will save trees by not having to send out a paper bill to you. Sign up for electronic delivery of your statements, and simplify your life!

Your awesome Feng Shui tip:

Since we are talking money, money, money this month, how can we make more money? Your home has a financial corner, this corner needs to be in pristine condition. To find this corner, stand in front of your home, facing your home. The far back, left corner of your home is your financial corner. Make sure this area of your home is clutter free. Hang a crystal in this corner and watch the money rolling in!

Halloween is just around the corner, allow the fun aspect of your personality to come out and play. Dress up and enjoy this ancient tradition known as All Hallows Eve.

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