September 2008


Welcome one and all to the September issue of my e-newsletter.
This issue will have my teaching schedule for October.
A check list of qualities we wish to see in ourselves and others!
Your all important recycle tip of the month.
And, as always your Feng Shui tip.

Teaching schedule:

In October I will be teaching the following courses at Francis Tuttle (Rockwell campus):
Wednesday Oct. 8 Tofu 101. A great way to learn how to over come the enigma of cooking with Tofu!
Oct. 14 Feng Shui.
Oct. 28 Numerology.

Spirit Fair.

I will be doing Numerology/Feng Shui consultations at the Spirit Fair at the La Quinta Inn 800 S. Meridian in OKC on Sat. Oct. 11 and Sunday Oct. 12. Please stop by and see me. I will also be giving a lecture on Numerology.

Mirror, mirror on the wall...

We all want to be the fairest one of them all... I am doing a double entendre on the word "fair". I would like to use the meaning 'being fair' to everyone in our daily dealings, rather than just looking pretty, though, looking pretty is also desirable! So, how do we accomplish being fair to people who are clearly being unfair to us? The old adage-- turn the other cheek is very apt though, many times tough to implement. Putting aside the ego to reach out will heal the scars of your soul more than anything. I do look at life as an interwoven tapestry, rather than my life being a single thread. All the people I know add colour to the tapestry known as my life. Think of all the people we have relationships with. So many souls, so many agendas, all interlocking in the life we live. In order to see the qualities we wish to see in others, first we have to have them emanate from us. We want others to be kind, well, we have to be kind first. If, we desire happy, healthy relationships, then, we have to become healthy and happy ourself. Generosity begins at home, be generous with yourself first, then, the rest will follow. I do remember to be kind to the first soul I need to take care of-- and that is, my soul. When I am kind, giving and nurturing towards myself, I notice my relationships with others blossom. So, the check list is: be kind, loving, understanding, nurturing, caring, empathic, supportive, validate those you love and above all else, listen with an open heart.

Your recycle tip.

I am a scrooge when it comes to paper. I take any piece of paper from mail I receive, that has a clear side to it, and place it in my fax machine. This way paper I didn't buy can be used to print a fax, or make a copy of receipt I need. I make writing pads out of envelopes so many companies send out. I use those for grocery lists or scratch pads. This way you will be saving money by not buying new paper and less paper will go into the land fill. Of course, when I am done using the paper, I shred it and recycle that too.

Your Feng Shui tip.

Since we are contemplating being a better human being, how can Feng Shui help with that? Simple-- clarity of mind will allow clarity of the heart. When you lead a clutter free life, your stress level will be reduced. With your stress level lower, you will actually be a kinder human being. Disorganized clutter visually adds discomfort into our daily life. So, get organized and reduce your clutter! This means keep your car, wallet & purse clutter free too!

Another tip:

Check out, if you are interested in starting a business of your own. This is a great site. There are free tips on how to get started!

As I have mentioned often, I love to get your comments, so please take a moment and connect with me. I would appreciate hearing from you. And, if there is something that needs to be cleared with a friend, or loved one, do so today, because no one hands out a guarantee any one of us will be here tomorrow.

Enjoy fall, cooler days are here again!
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