August 2008

And, welcome to the August issue of my e-newsletter.
This month, I will let you know my teaching schedule for September.
Your recycle tip.
Your Feng Shui tip.
And, something new (suggested by a student)-- a quick and easy recipe for a fruit salad!

In September I will be teaching at Francis Tuttle:
Vegetarian Indian cooking Sept 10.
Numerology Sept. 16.

Alaska on my mind.

It's been very hard to adjust to my life back here in OK. It feels as though my trip north was just a dream. It all went away so quickly. I want to go back to Alaska. It's hard to explain. I miss being the only person on the road (driving as I wish!). I miss the solitude, I miss being one with nature and no people around. I miss the sun high up in the sky until eleven at night. I miss it all. So, I think another road trip is in order next summer! I hear a collective noooo from all my friends and family, well, I think for the next few summers, I need to be an Alaska girl!

Your recycle tip:

This tip comes via my sister, she takes all those credit card applications all of us get in the mail. She uses their SASE to send back to them the application they sent you, with a curt note on the face of the application asking them to refrain from sending any more mail to her. This way they pay attention, since they end up having to pay for the return postage. Nothing hurts these annoying mail marketers more than hitting them in their pocket book. The other day I sent off twelve letters, letting them know I did not appreciate their solicitations. I expect my mail box to be much lighter in days and weeks to come!

Your Feng Shui tip:

Clocks that don't run on time (slow or fast) or, are broken, or just don't work need to be repaired. If they can't be repaired then, they need to be thrown away. Time pieces help us with our time. If, your clocks are not in sync, then, you won't be in sync with your environment. It's a simple concept-- yet profound. When we honor time, we honor ourselves and others around us. Being on time to meet business associates, friends or clients shows respect towards people's valued time. So, get those clocks fixed, or get rid of them.

A great summer time recipe.

1 banana.
8 oz. mixed berries.
1 peach/nectarine.
1 granny smith apple.
1 kiwi.
1 mango.
1 pomegranate (seeded).
1 lemon.
Salt and ground red cayenne pepper to taste.

Chop all the fruit into small pieces, add lemon juice, salt and red pepper, toss and refrigerate. This is an awesome summer time tangy, zesty change from other fruit salads. The red pepper really adds some zing to your palate.

Thank you for staying in touch with me. I appreciate the thoughts you share. I am grateful for your kind comments, suggestions and updates I receive from all who are sharing this journey with me. Stay connected!

Until next month, enjoy your Labour Day!
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