July 2008

Greetings, and welcome to the July issue of my e-newsletter.

This month's newsletter includes my teaching schedule for August.
My Alaska trip highlights.
Your recycle tip.
And, your Feng Shui tip of the month.

On Thursday Aug 7, I will be teaching vegetarian Indian cooking.
On Tuesday Aug. 12, Feng Shui.
On Thursday Aug. 21, another session in Feng Shui
On Thursday Aug. 28, How to get out of debt and accumulate wealth.
All of these classes will be held at Francis Tuttle at the Rockwell campus.
I look forward to seeing some familiar faces in some of these courses.

I left my heart in Alaska!

It is true... Alaska has stolen my heart. The journey north was nothing short of epic. I had heard horror stories about the road to Alaska, fondly known as the Alcan hi-way. I had trepidation about being stranded, alone in the wild with bears breathing down on my very small convertible with a soft top. To be honest, failure was not an option. So, I pressed on, the journey was beyond words, Alaska is truly like no place on Earth. It took five days to get from Vancouver to Alaska, on the way I did see bears by the side of the road! I saw moose, bison, mountain goats, eagles soaring high and my spirit soared high along with them. Looking at glaciers in the Prince William Sound, watching playful sea otters in crystal clear water. For many hours at a stretch, I was the only person on the road. I feel I have been transformed, everything else pales in comparison. Like having to drive the speed limit! Many times I have complained about the politics of this country, though, driving through America, I can't imagine myself living anywhere else. This land is truly great. The journey was made special by my daughter joining me for the leg home. Spending time with my son on my way north and then on my way home. Seeing my friends in Minnesota and family in Vancouver, getting to eat Indian food...what else could one desire?!

Your recycle tip.

Recently a dear friend generously gave me two books on recycling ( "Green Chic" and "The Environment Equation"). Both books have a ton of great ideas as to how to live a greener life. For example: Using a car wash is more eco friendly, than, washing your car by hand. Drying your clothes on a drying rack will save you money as well as reducing the amount of energy used. The dryer, after the refrigerator is the single most energy consuming appliance in your home.

Your Feng Shui tip for this month.

It's very important to have good door health. Any door in your home brings opportunities into your life. Doors have to open freely, no squeaking, no chipped paint, no scraping. A loose door or a door that sticks and a wobbly door won't do either. All of the above will hinder your ability to attract positive 'chi' (energy) into your life. So, get busy with veggie oil to lubricate the door hinges and repair any unsightly doors... asap!

As always, I am happy to get e-mails from you. So, please do let me hear from you. I enjoy your comments, ideas, or just a simple hello. A special thanks to friends here at home who stayed in touch with me. To those who took care of my home, mail and plants. And to all of you who sent me your well wishes for my journey north.

With my cool wishes for these hot, dog, days of summer.
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