May 2008


Welcome to the May issue of my e-news letter. Hola, the Spanish word for hello or hi. Since, in this country we do have many Hispanic nationals, it's only fitting to start off this month's e-newsletter with a Spanish greeting. My Spanish vocabulary is limited to a smattering of just a few words. Enough to get me in trouble!

This newsletter will have my teaching schedule for June.
This month after having celebrated our mothers, we look towards honoring our fathers.
Your recycle tip of the month.
And as always your Feng Shui tip for this month.

Teaching in the month of June.

I will be teaching Numerology at Francis Tuttle on June 3.
Feng Shui for Discoveries Adult community education program June 4.

Father's day.

In Nairobi, my hometown, we didn't celebrate Father's day. This is an American tradition. June 15, is Father's day this year. All too often we forget about fathers, the man who goes to work daily to provide us with a roof over our heads and much more. As a child I spent majority of my time attached to my mother at her hip. I seem to remember my father leaving early in the morning for work and coming home in the evening. After our family dinner he read the newspaper or worked on accounting jobs for his clients. Among my many fond memories of him, one is crystal clear, a game he played with me as a child, it was called 'utay maya'. He'd rock me back and forth while singing a song. A game I played with my children when they were young. My father died in my arms when I was only eighteen. I think about him often, I ponder the strengths I received from him. I know he was a patient man, I believe I get my patience and long fuse from him. I get my creative ability and sense of self from my mother. I do wonder what my father would think of me today. My hope would be, that he'd be happy with the woman I have become. As with any situation, when someone is taken from us prematurely, there is a sense of wistfulness. For me, I would've given anything to watch my Dad play 'utay maya' with his grandchildren. So, for all those with fathers, take a moment and let him know how you feel towards him. And, if you are a father take more than a moment, to spend quality time with your children. You'll be surprised with the impact you have on your little people.

Your recycle tip.

Paper, paper, paper everywhere. I am so tired of getting junk mail and bills, (though I have to let you know, getting bills is a good thing---more on that in your Feng Shui tip! ). I have begun to switch over to e-bills and statements, this way, saving trees which are cut down for paper. Another way to stop junk mail from coming to your home, go to the web site below to get ideas as to how to stop junk mail. In order to stop credit card companies from selling your information call this toll free number. 1-888-567-8688. Good luck.

Your Feng Shui tip:

So, you think receiving bills in the mail is a bad thing? I am going to give you an alternative way to view that scenario! When the mail box is crammed full of bills--rejoice! Consider looking at your bills as your ability to make money to be able to pay them. If you had no money, you'd have no bills. You may say my logic is flawed. Since, credit card companies give you credit even when you have no money. The key word here is credit-- not, money. They don't give you money, they give you credit--big difference. We have confused money with credit. Quit doing that! So, look at your bills as your way of making money to pay them. Then, next time you want to charge something on your credit card, you may hesitate and pay instead with money you actually have.

I want you to know, I continue to enjoy teaching my various courses, meeting new people who join our community. Thank you all for being part of this journey with me. I look forward to hearing from you.

Have a blessed father's day!
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