April 2008


Welcome to the April issue of my e-newsletter. The greeting this month is in French. A language I spoke well as a teenager, but now can only squeeze out a few phrases. C'est la vie!

This e-news letter will include my teaching schedule.
My adventures as a lecturer on Hinduism.
Healthy eating in OKC.
Building green...a recycle tip.
Your Feng Shui tip.

Teaching schedule.

All the following classes will be taught at Francis Tuttle, at their Rockwell campus. You can call FT at 717-4900. Or, visit them on line www.francistuttle.com.
On Tuesday April 29, I will be teaching Feng Shui . I have been told there are still a few spaces available. Anyone who wishes to join me for this informative class, please call the above number.
On Thursday May 1st, I will be teaching a course on how to get out of debt and accumulate wealth.
On Wednesday May 14, I will be teaching a new class on how to prepare Tofu. This incredibly versatile food is high in protein and low in fat. A great health benefit for those of us who are vegetarians, or wish to lead a healthier lifestyle. Please join me.
On Tuesday May 20, I will be teaching vegetarian Indian cooking.

Born Again!

I had the privilege of speaking about Hinduism to two different groups of people. My first lecture was at Mayflower Church here in OKC to a group of Sunday school participants. The group ranged in aged from 60-70. The second lecture was given to Oklahoma Baptist University students ranging in age from 18- 22. To my surprise the two demographics behaved in very similar manner.
Granted the older group had more life experience aiding them in asking questions. The younger group had remarkable observations to make about a very complicated subject matter. Especially considering the background most of them hail from. I felt welcomed at both institutions, and have been invited back to Mayflower Church for an encore presentation. I have always enjoyed giving lectures on Hinduism at various Universities, and now look forward to lectures at other establishments too. The most asked question always is: What is Hinduism? Hinduism is a philosophy--a way of life, to be led in the most responsible manner possible.

Healthy eating

On Saturday April 26, I will be the guest speaker for a group of people who advocate healthy eating. I will be discussing the health benefits of spices used in Indian cooking. This wonderful group of people meet once a month in OKC, sharing their bounty of good vegetarian, healthy food.
This month I will be sharing with them a batch of my sumptuous "pakoras",a prized family recipe. If you would like to get more information about this group, please contact Carolyn at the address below.
"Carolyn McGarraugh" healthyeating@windstream.net

Building a green home: your recycle tip for this month:

I have been working on a project to build the most eco-friendly home possible. This has been challenging at times, but also very rewarding. I am very happy to see so many different types of green building materials out there. If, any of you are in the market for building a new home, or about to re-model, please check out the web sites below. On these sites you will find, recycled glass, or material made from 100% recycled paper for your counter tops ! This eliminates the need to quarry granite. Green building materials which don't endanger the air you breathe in your home. Smart fireplaces which burn eco friendly fuel. Paint for the walls that is eco -friendly. The more we support these fledgeling companies the more green choices will be available to the general public. Go forth and build "Green"!
www.3-form.com, www.greenbuildingsupply.com, www.ecosmartfire.com, www.neoporte.com, www.vetrazzo.com, www.enviroglasproducts.com, www.americanclay.com

Your Feng Shui tip:

I have been helping a friend move. Yes, I have been a busy bee this month! While I was packing her quilting materials, it came to me how we buy stuff and have very good intentions of finishing our projects later. Somehow, later never comes and so the stuff lives with us, depleting us of precious energy. In order to have a vibrant life, full of energy we do need to purge our stuff. Something my dear friend Jill has been doing in her move. So, my suggestion to all of you this month is to go into your closet of lost or forgotten projects and move them out of your home. Send them on their way to another life. This way you will free up closet space, you will feel lighter. Someone else will finish up the project you started, and so the circle will be complete. Did you notice how the theme of this newsletter is reincarnation?! Apropos, since this is spring, the time for re-birth and renewal.

Well, we have come to the end of another newsletter, I always feel sad at this point, because to be honest-- I could go on forever! But, I won't. I am heart warmed by your comments and look forward to hearing your news, so please do share.
Until next month.

Start planting those wonderful plants!
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