March 2008


Continuing our international greeting. Jambo is Swahili for hello. Another childhood language I spoke. Welcome to the March issue of my e-newsletter!

This month I will let you know my teaching schedule for April.
Another great find for a veggie friendly restaurant in OKC.
Your recycle tip.
Your Feng Shui tip.
And tattoo questions!

Teaching schedule:

In April I will be teaching the following classes.
Tuesday April 8 Vegetarian Indian Cuisine.
Tuesday April 29 Introduction to Feng Shui.
Please sign up early for these classes, they do fill up fast.

Cous Cous a veggie friendly restaurant.

This is a great find, the restaurant is located on May in between 63rd and 57th. It's on the west side of the street, in a strip mall just south of Denny's. It's hard to find, since they don't have a sign up yet. The food is exceptional. They have great humus and stuffed grape leaves. My daughter Reina declared the grape leaves were equal to what she has savored in San Francisco! That is high praise. Please check it out.

Your recycle tip.

Williams and Crest, local grocery stores are selling reusable grocery bags, and here is the good part. They cost a dollar! I have been searching for bags that are durable, with handles for easy carrying and are inexpensive. My son in law David found them. The bags are the perfect size for groceries. I keep these bags in the trunk of my car ready for a trip to the grocery store. A great way to save on the thousands of plastic bags we come home with from the grocery store! Buying the bags is good for the environment and so much easier for you to tote the groceries home. Please invest in these bags.

Your Feng Shui tip.

I think spring is here, I say that with my fingers and toes crossed. Though, I have yet to plant any of my summer flowers. I am dreaming of playing in the mud after tax day! So, what is the best thing to do in the spring time? Change around the furniture in your home. Move at least twenty seven objects around. Move the sofa in the living room and dust behind it. Swap furniture around from room to room. This way you are moving the energy in your home. You'll see your rooms with a fresh eye. We get too complacent with the furniture in the same location. Moving it will refresh you and your surrounding. Moving furniture around will get rid of stagnant energy. And, it will get you to dust behind that love seat...

Tattoo questions.

Okay, so too many of you have been interested in the tattoo I got a couple of months ago. You can ask me three yes/no type questions. Many of you have been interested in location, location, location?! While others have been interested in what the design is? And some think, I have lost my mind.

Family time.

I was sitting on my front porch the other afternoon, watching two birds build a nest. No doubt, preparing for the arrival of their babies. I had been cleaning out my house in anticipation of the arrival of my son. No, I am not getting ready to give birth! Did that a while ago-- I was anxiously awaiting the arrival of my son Mahesh who is home for a visit. A very short visit, but at least I get to look into his beautiful chocolate brown eyes and tell him in person how much I love him. With my son and daughter in law living so far away I realize daily how time with family is so precious. I am grateful I get to see my daughter Reina a few times a week, now if I could convince that son of mine to move...

As always, your e-mails brighten my day. Please keep your comments coming!

Enjoy spring!
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