February 2008


I thought I would try international greetings for a while for my e-newsletters. Welcome to the February issue. Namaste is the Hindi word for hello and goodbye. One of the languages I grew up speaking as a child. Namaste means-- "I bow to you." Traditionally preformed with hands pressed together, fingers pointing up, in front of the chest.

This month I will apprise you of my teaching schedule.
Two new veggie friendly restaurant finds in the OKC area!
News on my cooking class going virtual.
Your recycle tip of the month.
As always a fabulous Feng Shui tip!
And, an added surprise at the end of this newsletter...

Teaching schedule

In March I will be teaching Numerology at Francis Tuttle on Tuesday March 11. A lot of you have inquired-- what is Numerology? It is the study of how numbers affect your daily life. Your birth date has a profound affect on your entire life. Each letter in the alphabet has a numeric value, which gives your name it's own unique vibration. All these numbers come together to give you certain expressions and characteristics.

Food glorious food!

I had the pleasure of trying a new restaurant, thanks to Julie who treated me to a birthday dinner at Queen of Sheba. An Ethiopian restaurant suggested to us by another friend, Jill. The restaurant had many vegetarian dishes to choose from. Another find is Tana Thai, it's on May near Hefner and it too has many spicy vegetarian entrees to choose from with the addition of tofu, something we all need to eat more of!

Internet here I come!

On Tuesday (Feb. 19) while I was teaching my veggie Indian cooking class, we were filmed and soon the class will be offered on the net for those of you who can't attend in person. My lovely daughter Reina was the "scut worker"---I mean the sous chef! I will let you know when the classes will be offered on line. "I am ready for my close up Mr. DeVille!"

Your recycle tip:

It is my aspiration to have my entire neighborhood become 100% recyclers. You may think this is a daunting task. But, I do believe it's possible. I have to thank Ed for this great idea. He is going get his entire building to recycle. I thought if he can do that, surely I can get my neighborhood to do the same. There are less than a hundred houses in my neck of the woods. I plan to knock on each door with blue bin in hand, asking my lovely neighbors to participate in an experiment. I plan to bribe them with visions of being featured on the local channels as the only 100% recycling neighborhood in OKC...I think I stand a chance--don't you?! So, what is your recycle tip? Take my challenge and become a recycling neighborhood or street. Please recycle all that you can, if you don't have a blue bin--get one. The number to call in OKC is 297-2833. Your mission, if you choose to accept is--go forth and reclaim that aluminum can or plastic bottle from the trash can and recycle it!

Your Feng Shui tip for this month:

In this country we are facing monumental weight issues. The Feng Shui way to control over eating is to put a mirror on your refrigerator door. Yes, a mirror on the door! This will help in two ways: 1). On the conscious level, a mirror will make you see yourself each time you head for food. 2). On another level the mirror can help "push you away" from eating excess food. Try this, I think you will be pleasantly surprised as to how well it works. Seeing yourself in the mirror each time you approach the fridge will take away the illusion of being complacent with your weight. You will be in essence confronting your weight gain each time.

As always I welcome your comments, inquiries or just plain hellos. Keep those letters coming and let me know if I can answer any of your burning questions! Getting to know each one of you has added to my joy. Thank you for sharing this journey with me.

Okay, here is the surprise: I am supporting a tiny tattoo on my body, location is top secret! ;-)

Stay warm, I think spring will be here soon!
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