January 2008

Hello and Happy New Year!

Welcome to the January 2008 issue of my e-newsletter. This month I will let you know my teaching schedule for the rest of January and the month of February.
We'll talk about those pesky new year's resolutions!
Your agenda for a brand new year!
And as always your recycle tip of the month & your Feng Shui tip of the month!

On January 19, 20 I will be at the Spirit Fair at the La Quinta Inn 800 S. Meridian OKC. Admission is $6.00 per person. The fair is going to have healers, readers and spiritual books covering all faiths. It's always important to widen our horizons, so check it out. I will be doing Numerology charts for clients.

In January I will be teaching Feng Shui on Jan 22nd at Francis Tuttle.
In February I will be teaching Vegetarian Indian Cooking on Feb 19 at Francis Tuttle.

New Year's resolutions:

So, did you make a bunch of new resolutions and are you already falling behind?! Almost everyone makes resolutions, yet 72% of the people give up by the time February rolls around! Why don't resolutions work? Variety of reasons affect the failure rate. Often the resolutions are far beyond our expectations, some are just downright difficult to master and then, for some we just lose focus. In many cases resolutions end up causing us disappointments too early in the year.
The best way to avoid this is to:
Don't make resolutions, instead give yourself a trial period of three weeks during which you experiment with a new way to behave. The reason for this is, it takes us 21 days to form a new habit. If you are going to succeed, it will happen in this trial period. There are advantages to giving yourself a certain amount of time to test drive a new behaviour pattern. This way your commitment level is at a minimum and most likely, success rate is higher!

Your 2008 Agenda:

1. Recover from the Holidays!
2. Celebrate Sunita's birthday during January!
3. Find some one to kiss passionately Feb. 14!
4. Go to a white sand beach in March!
5. Get taxes done by April 15!
6. Hug your mother and thank her for giving birth to you!
7. Walk barefoot during the summer solstice!
8. Declare your Independence from all things toxic!
9. Drive to Alaska in August!
10. For Labour day become a vegetarian for a day!
11. Dress up for Halloween!
12. Count your blessings and hug your loved ones!
13. Shop less, give more of yourself!

Your Recycle tip:

Since so many of us work in offices, this year give your office space the "Smart Power Strip". This is a surge protector strip for your computers, faxes, printers, copiers etc. Before leaving for the day turn the strip to off and office equipment left on 24/7 will not drain energy while not in use. The savings are substantial and you will be saving precious energy. The power strip is more expensive than a surge protector, but it pays for itself in about 3 months.

Your Feng Shui tip of the month:

Since we are contemplating new beginnings for a new year. Get reacquainted with your home. Walk through each room and feel the energy. Let your space tell you where the energy is stuck. This process really works, you have to become 'one' with your home environment! Where ever you feel uncomfortable in your home, that's where the energy is stuck. Move a few items around in that area. You'll notice a subtle or a dramatic change. And remember to dust... you don't really want me to tell you all over again about dust mites ---now do you?!

Please continue to send your remarks, I truly look forward to my inbox after mailing the newsletter.

Have a joyful brand new year!
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