November 2007

Welcome to the November issue of my e-newsletter.
I hope that all of you enjoyed your Thanksgiving holiday.

This month I will discuss the importance of letting our loved ones know the depth of our feelings for them. A timely recycle tip and as always your Feng Shui tip of the month.

Thanks to all of you who called, wrote with your positive comments on the article about Diwali in the November issue of magazines published by SW Publishing. I think they did a fine job describing the Hindu holiday and the photographs were not too shabby either!

During the month of December I will not be teaching, I am going to rest for a while and will start my teaching schedule in January. Though, I suspect my time at Stein Mart will be hectic.

To give thanks for those we love:

In our daily busy lives we often take our family and friends for granted. We stay focused on the job, career, all the tasks that need to be finished. If, we gave our loved ones the same kind of attention our jobs get, our lives would be far richer. We all work hard to provide for our loved ones, some how in that equation the most important aspect of ourselves is not shared-- our undivided attention.
For me, relationships with my family and friends come first and then I give my full attention to all my varied jobs. I learnt at a young age that none of us is guaranteed a tomorrow. So, I do make sure I let the people I care about, know how I feel about them. Please take the time to let your significant other, your children, brothers/sisters, parents and friends know the depth of your love for them. This is one gift you can be generous with!

Recycle tip:

Here is an easy way to make money and save a precious resource! While you are rinsing/washing the dishes, place the pots and pans that need to soak in the sink. While you are rinsing or washing the dishes, the bigger pots will catch the water, saving you the trouble of having to fill them up with water later. This way, you will make money by not wasting water, and you will be saving the Earth's most precious resource!
Try it!

Your Feng Shui tip:

Since we are talking about the love we have for family and friends, place healthy green plants in the area where your family gathers. This will enable all family members to grow together and be strong. If green plants are not your forte, then have objects that are green in colour, or images of green healthy plants will also work.

The end of 2007

As we approach the end of this year, I want to suggest giving money to 'Rebuilding Together', a non profit organization that helps the elderly citizens of OKC. Their address is: Rebuilding Together, 730 W. Wilshire Blvd., Ste. 108 Oklahoma City, OK  73116. Please do send them a donation. You will help the elderly with home repairs and in turn your heart will reap the benefits of blessings sent your way.

As always, I am encouraged by all of your comments, so please keep them coming.
I am thankful that our paths have crossed.
Shop less and give more of your self to family and friends.

Enjoy the upcoming holiday festivities!
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