October 2007

Hello, and welcome to my October e-newsletter!

I hope everyone is enjoying our cooler weather. Though, it did turn rather cold, very suddenly.
This month I share with you my teaching schedule. Diwali the Festival of lights and highlights of our Italy trip. How to attract new romance into your life the "Feng Shui way"! And a recycling tip.

So, here we go...

In November I will be teaching the following classes:
Feng Shui at Francis Tuttle on Nov. 5
Vegetarian Indian cooking at Francis Tuttle Nov.13
Numerology at Francis Tuttle Nov.27.


'Diwali' our Hindu holiday, will be celebrated on Nov. 9 this year. There will be an article on Diwali in the November issue of four magazines, they are: Nichols Hills News, Edmond Monthly, Norman Living and NW Style. So, please look for the article and do give me your feed back on it.


Italy was mesmerizing . Each time I thought it can't get better, it did. What an amazing country, so much art, history and total wonderment. The Tuscan country side is truly breathtaking, it does make me want to spend an enchanted April there. The art work of Michelangelo is 'magnifico' as the Italians would put it! The leaning tower of Pisa is still leaning, even though I did try to fix it. And, Rome is beyond words. I did wonder why it took me so long to go to Italy, I wish I had done it sooner. I think we can all benefit from traveling beyond the borders of this wonderful country.

Feng Shui tip:

So, you want to having a loving romantic relationship in your life? Here are a few suggestions the Feng Shui way to clear the way for new romance. We all have the 'ex' syndrome in our lives. How does one purge the painful memories of past loves and move forward with a new love?
Go through your home room by room and see if there are any reminders of past relationships? If yes, then ask your self how you feel about the item(s). If, a cringe feeling or, sad feelings come across, it's time to find a new home for that item. Ship it off, wish it bon voyage!

Getting rid of things given to us by previous lovers can be a very cathartic experience. You will close the door on that relationship, thus signaling to the Universe you are ready for new energy to enter into your life. Some items need to be given away, some items need to be torn and thrown away. And, then there are those items that need to be burned to a crisp, thrown into a moving body of water that preferably flows into some ocean, somewhere. Or, the ashes have to be buried deep-- very deep!

The hardest thing to overcome is the emotional pain a person lives with after a break-up. Learning to trust another with one's heart is not easily done. Understandably, once burnt twice shy is the adage applied here. So, do I recommend that you guard your heart always and never allow another to enter, just in case you could get hurt? I think you know the answer to that -- learning to swim with the flow of the river is serene and easier than, fighting the current. So, if the Universe is kind enough to send some one your way, be happy, accept the gift and rejoice! Go with the flow, and learn to trust again. You might be surprised how wonderful life can be once you are no longer being thrashed by the demons of past hurts.

Recycle tip:

Good news! OKC is now taking all plastics up to the number 7. Yeah! This means every plastic container that has the numbers 1-7 in the triangle of the arrows can be put into that wonderful blue bin! For those of you who don't live in an area that recycles, here's some thing you can do for mother Earth. Don't gather up all the leaves from your trees, let the leaves become a natural mulch for your flower beds. This way you will save the land fills from bags upon bags of leaves that will never decompose.

Cool crisp evening are here, get out and enjoy your neighbourhood! Until next month.
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