September 2007


Welcome to the September issue of my e-newsletter.
This month we'll discuss the importance of slowing down before the holiday season is upon us.
My teaching schedule for October.
A recycling tip.
And, as always your Feng Shui tip of the month.

I can feel fall just around the corner. Cooler days and much cooler nights. Take time out to go for a walk with the ones you love. This coming month is a good time to make a list, yes just like Santa. Part of the Feng Shui lifestyle is to be organized. The best way to enjoy your holidays is to be organized. Having a list of gifts you need to buy for family, friends and coworkers will make the task much easier.

Better still, have a chat with the people you normally buy gifts for and see if they would be willing to forgo their gift? Then, donate that money, food or clothing in their name to a charitable organization. I ask people to give me food instead of nick knacks, which clutter up my pristine minimalist space! And, in turn I get to enjoy food, glorious food!

During the month of October I will be teaching.
Feng Shui at Francis Tuttle on Oct. 23
Get out of Debt on Oct. 25
Indian cooking at Gordon Cooper on Oct. 29 Indian cooking at Francis Tuttle on Oct. 31 Another busy month.

Good news to share:

SouthWestern Publishing is going to publish an article about a dish I prepare for the Indian Holiday 'Diwali'. I will let you know when the article will appear in Nichols Hills News a local magazine. I am very happy that the culture I grew up with will be shared with the citizens of OKC. My photo will appear along with the recipe. I am planning on wearing a silk saree for the photo which will be featured in the magazine.

More good news to share:

My lovely daughter Reina and I will be going to Italy in October for our annual mother daughter trip. We are going to go with a group of Catholic friends...what better way to see the Vatican City, than with a group of devout Catholics! It will be interesting to see Rome, Venice and Florence. All those museums and that wonderful statue of 'David'!

Way more good news to share:

My wonderful son Mahesh, his sweet wife Sara came for a visit to OKC last weekend. It was such a treat to have both my children here along with their spouses. During dinner on Saturday night, I sat quietly watching all of them enjoy, favorite requested dishes I had made. My heart was warmed by such a simple gathering. I thought, this is what life is all about, sharing time with loved ones, reminiscing about their childhood memories, laughing. My life felt full and satisfied.

Recycle tip:

Turn the lights off when you leave a room, turn the computer off during the night, turn the television off when not watching, unplug appliances not in use. Did you know that while an appliance is plugged in it's still using energy?! These are simple acts that have a profound impact, not only on the energy usage but also in your pocket book. The savings over the year, will allow you to pay for at least one month's cable bill!

Feng Shui tip of the month:

September is a good month to get rid of things you no longer need. I always pick out 27 items that I have not used in over a year and donate them. Get rid of dishes, mugs, bowls that are chipped. Get rid of clothes you have not worn in over a year. And, no, even if you lose weight, or, the style comes back into vogue, the look will be too different, so get rid of stuff you no longer wear. By getting rid of things, you will create empty space, which will invite new opportunities into your life. 27 is the magic number!

As always, I am very happy to hear from you and am pleased to receive your comments, keep 'em coming!

Enjoy fall, mother nature will be showing off her sense of artistic flair with glorious colours!

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