July 07

Welcome, to the July issue of my e-newsletter.

This month we'll discuss the importance of dusting your home and car!
A timely recycle tip.
And, lastly as always -- your Feng Shui tip of the month.

Earlier this month I took part in Spirit Fair in OKC, I truly enjoyed meeting many diverse people. I gave lectures on Feng Shui and Numerology, and was pleasantly surprised by how well they were received.

Next month I will be teaching Feng Shui at Gordon Cooper Vo-Tech in Shawnee on Aug. 20.
And, vegetarian Indian cooking at Francis Tuttle in OKC on Aug 28.

Congratulations are in order for my son and his wife, I just returned from Portland Ore. after having helped them move to their new home. I am very happy they are owners of a house. My father always told us: "No one is making new land, so always own a piece of property", very good advice!


It's every where, how does one get rid of dust? It is nearly impossible to get rid of dust, but one of many ways to do it is, dampen a cloth and run it over the surfaces of your home. By rinsing the cloth in hot water you will kill the dust mites that are present. Dust mites are on all surfaces and even suspended in air. Dust mites feed on minute particles of organic matter, the main constituent of house dust. They excrete enzymes to digest dust particles; these enzymes and their feces, (yuk!) in turn, become part of house dust and can provoke allergic reactions in humans. Dust mites flourish in the fibers of bedding, furniture, and carpets. The more dust you have the larger the concentration of dust mites! Don't you wish I had never told you all of this? I am sorry I had to be the bearer of yucky, icky news, I only have your best interests at heart!

House dust can be removed by as many as 10 methods, such as: wiping, swiping, or sweeping by hand, or with a dust cloth, sponge, duster , or broom, or by suction by a vacuum cleaner or air filter.

Why is it so important to get rid of dust you may ask? Dust is actually responsible for making our environment "heavier". I have noticed in homes where little or no dusting takes place the inhabitants are much more lethargic, unfocused, constantly disorganized and usually flit from project to project. A clean, dust free home encourages clear thinking and vitality of mind. The simple act of dusting will encourage creative thinking, and we know, all of us can use creative, motivated thinking in our lives.

Recycle Tip:

Since we are talking dust, the best way to get rid of dust is to use a cloth you can re-use over and over again. I don't like sponges, since they can encourage bacteria growth. I like to be able to use old t-shirts which can be laundered. This way you impact the earth less by using less paper products. A total waste of our natural resources. I do like the Swifter products, but they are adding to our trash, so my advice is: dust the old fashioned way... with a damp cloth!

Feng Shui tip:

You guessed it! It has to do with dust, our theme for this news letter!
While you are dusting you move objects, thus moving the energy in your home. This simple action moves the stagnant energy, disperses it and allows you to become focused and motivated. The more dust you have in your home, the likely hood of malaise in your everyday life is greater. My advice, dust your home once a week and every few months give the base boards and all your furniture good deep cleaning. This means the ceiling fans also. Dust your car too, since most of us spend a chunk of our time commuting.

As always, I am grateful for the comments a lot of you send my way. I encourage all of you to share your thoughts with me. My life journey is colourful because I have met so many like minded people. I thank you all for your positive and encouraging thoughts.

Enjoy the dog days of summer, they are finally here!
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