June 2007

A soggy, rain drenched greeting to all.
Welcome to the June issue of my e-newsletter. This month freedom is on my mind, since July 4, is just around the corner. And, as always a great Feng Shui tip for you.

I don't know about you, and I never thought I would say this--- enough with the rain! Oklahoma has been inundated with continuous rain for the past fifteen days. We have broken all records. Though, everything is lush and green I am ready for sunny days. My back yard looked like a swimming pool, ready for a dip!

Below are the dates for my upcoming teaching schedule: Now is the time to sign up.

July 10, & Aug. 28 vegetarian Indian cuisine @ Francis Tuttle @6:30p.m.
July 24 Feng Shui @ Francis Tuttle @ 7p.m.
And I will be giving a lecture on Numerology and Feng Shui at the Spirit Fair @ ' La Quinta Inn, 800 S. Meridian OKC, OK 73108. July 14-15.


July is the month this country celebrates it's independence from England---hooray! Sorry... I am not a fan of the Brits. I did spend my teenage years in England, the time spent there was not pleasant. I have lived in many different countries, experienced various types of people. I am always heart warmed by the generosity of people of the United States. I was warmly welcomed to this country back in the seventies. The citizens of this country are a mixture of so many races, providing us with a unique point of view. The diversity of the population provides diversity of ideas, thus allowing innovation and ingenuity. As, this is my adopted country, I have a different perspective than someone born here. The United States is a land of fertile soil for the creative soul. So, this July 4, envision freedom for everyone on the planet. And, hope that, these United States will not become an Imperial power on the planet as England once was. Even though I have spent the bulk of my life here in the USA, of course, I hold a special place in my heart for the country of my birth--Kenya, East Africa.

Sun, sun, sun

Since I am contemplating freedom, independence and the pursuit of happiness this month, it's time to declare our independence from the rain. I do believe in the power of positive thinking, so if all of us thought about sunny days, we could actually make them happen. On the count of three--- think * sun shine*!

Recycle tip

Recycling does not have to begin and end with household items being recycled. You can be 'green' with the choice of materials you use in remodeling or building a new home. The types of light bulbs you choose. The type of car you purchase. There is a wealth of information out there on various web sites. On Google just type in "going green", that brings up numerous sites which give out excellent ideas on how you can be part of the solution, instead of the problem, check it out. Plant a tree so that our planet can breathe easier and so will we.
Enjoy July 4, celebrate with a 'green picnic', use plastic plates, cups and flatware which can be used again.

Feng Shui tip:

Since the upcoming month is the month to celebrate freedom: free your self from clutter, the number one reason for malaise and stuck energy in your life. My tip on reducing clutter is to concentrate on just one area, clear out one drawer, or one shelf, or one section of a room. This will enable you to stay focused and you won't feel overwhelmed. Clearing away clutter allows you to think clearly. While you are at it, clear clutter in your purse, billfold and car too. That means the trunk of your car too! You will notice clarity of mind, body and soul.

Be free, run through the park barefoot, drive with the top down!
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