May 2007


Welcome to the May issue of my e-newsletter. I hope this e-newsletter will find you in good health and energized for the summer ahead!
My time has been spent teaching, doing many private consultations and seminars on Feng Shui.

Those of you who work for large corporations might be interested in my seminars for large groups on Feng Shui or Numerology. Feel free to
write or call me for details.

As a reminder below is my summer schedule for classes.

Cuisine of India: July 10, and Aug 28 @ Francis Tuttle OKC
Feng Shui: July 24th @ Francis Tuttle. OKC
Get out of Debt: Sept 13 @ Francis Tuttle. OKC
Numerology: Sept. 18 @ Francis Tuttle. OKC

Feng Shui in Shawnee @ Gordon Cooper Aug. 20.
Numerology In Shawnee @ Gordon Cooper Sept.10.

I will also be at the Spirit Fair in OKC on July 14-15 @ La Quinta Inn, 800 S. Meridian OKC, OK 73108. I will be doing Numerology and Feng
Shui consultations. Come and join me at the Spirit Fair. Different types of healers and readers are present at the fair, it's always interesting and educational. I will also be giving a lecture on Feng Shui and Numerology at the Fair.

Another Great Restaurant.

Again my friend Jill suggested the following place, it too, is family owned and a ton of Veggie choices for those of us who are meat challenged! This is an Italian restaurant called Vito's at 7521 N. May Ave. in OKC. Check it out!

Recycle tip:

This tip comes to you by courtesy of my good friend Julie, I was lamenting the fact that I don't have enough counter space in my kitchen to have a dish rack. I like doing dishes by hand.....
She suggested I use my dishwasher as a dish rack. This way I can wash dishes by hand and then let them air dry in the dishwasher! What a clever idea! Not only am I able to save water by washing dishes by hand, I also didn't have to spend money to buy a dish rack and I save energy by not running the dishwasher.
A win/win situation all the way around! Thanks Julie!
I would like to invite all of you to share your recycling tips with me and I would be happy to pass them along.

Feng Shui consultation sale!

For the month of June I am reducing my charges for new clients to $100.00 for a two hour consultation. Normally I charge $150.00. Previous clients can have a refresher consultation for half the normal price @$75.00 for a two hour consultation! Call or e-mail and lock in this special rate for an appointment now or for one in the future.

Summer Solstice:

This year the longest day of the year will be on June 21st. This is the summer solstice. Let your hair down and celebrate with Mother Earth by walking bare foot on the planet. Your body needs at least ten minutes of sunlight each day, so you can absorb vitamin D. Usually in the middle of the day I spend a few minutes sitting out in the sun contemplating the mysteries of the Universe, among them, what to fix for dinner?! Use the longest day of the year to connect with your wild self, throw an out door party. Invite friends and family, prepare delectable fruit / vegetarian feast and boogie til the stars come out at night!

Feng Shui tip:

In order to have clear thinking and a sense of peace in your life, place a bird bath in front of the spirituality area of your home. To find the spirituality area of your home, stand in front of your home facing your front door. Your spirituality area is in the far front left. This way you are helping the birds on this planet as well as your spiritual well being. The stillness of the water in the bird bath will help mirror the stillness in your mind.

Enjoy the beginning of summer!
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If you wish to be removed from this e-newsletter, please let me know and I would be happy to oblige.

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