April 2007

Welcome to the April edition of my newsletter. 
It seems as though spring just does not want to arrive in Oklahoma. I am so ready to plant outdoors. Though, I have been grateful for all the rain, since I know we will all be wishing for misty, rainy days in the middle of August! 
This summer I will be teaching Indian cooking at Francis Tuttle on July 10 and August 28. 
I will be teaching Feng Shui on July 24. 
And, Numerology on Sept. 18. 
Please mark your calendar and enroll early. 
I enjoyed my brief visit with my son and daughter in law. Portland is a beautiful, compact city with diversity. I was very fortunate to find a painting I fell in love with. Of course, I gave myself the three days rule of purchasing anything.... if, after three days I was still thinking about the painting, I go back, if it is still there, it's meant to be mine! 
Arts Festival 
I hope everyone took advantage of the Arts Festival down town OKC. I did volunteer twice once working with children creating one of a kind art pieces and another time serving sno-cones on a very cold, rainy and blustery day. I was in charge of collecting money! 

I did enjoy looking at different types of art displayed and it did make me wistful for my own art. I am thinking of converting one of the bedrooms in my home into a studio. I hope to produce enough art for a show in the fall. I will keep you posted on my progress! 
Recycle Tip 
I am very happy to see that many news magazine shows on television are promoting conservation. I always find it amusing when the media jumps on the flavor of the month crusade! For me recycling has been a lifelong commitment. Using less paper products will help with the landfills as well as trees being cut down for paper. I use cloth for wiping my kitchen counters and cloth napkins instead of paper napkins. My dinning experience feels far more special and I am able to use the cloth napkins again and again. 
Feng Shui tip of the month. 
With spring finally here, it's important to have live plants, or flowers by your front door. This allows the Universal 'Chi' to come to your home. It's as if you are sending out an invitation to fresh energy by planting new, fresh flowers. This is the time of year when we get to enjoy the outdoors. Our out door space needs to be as welcoming as our indoor space. Flowers , sculptures, clean and tidy out door furniture beckons us to spend moments in quiet solitude. It's very restful for our spirit to be nurtured by nature! 
Take a moment to enjoy the beauty of this planet! 
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Sunita Sitara.
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