February 2007


Welcome to my e-newsletter for the month of February.
This month I contemplate the joy of being in love...
More helpful tips on recycling.
And of course, last but not least the Feng Shui tip of the month.

I have been very busy with teaching in Shawnee and OKC. All the classes have been full, and often I have had an overload. I am grateful for the confidence so many of you have shown in me, by following me from course to course! It's as if I have my own entourage! Thank you!

The month of March I will be taking off for much needed rest, travel and spring cleaning. Your mother was right spring cleaning is a must!

February the month for love

To be in love is the most exhilarating feeling which can cause a great amount of confusion, trepidation, miscommunications, the list goes on and on. To make sure your significant other knows how you feel about them, let them know with your actions. Make several days a year feel like Valentine's Day.

Pink is the colour of love, give your main squeeze something with the colour pink in it. For you men out there, this task is easy.... you can get us pink lingerie! Pink flowers, pink clothes etc. For us women the challenge is greater. Give your man a polished pink quartz, he can carry that in his pocket and be reminded of your affection every time he touches it. Or, be naughty and dye one of his white underwear pink, he'll think of you, if he is daring enough to ever wear it ! Give him a pink tie. Stick a pink heart on the dash board of his car. Studies have shown the more you have in common with your significant other the greater the chances of your love enduring. Being on the same spiritual path as your partner is another way of anchoring your passion for each other. Opposites attract to begin with, though, as time passes those differences begin to cause a wedge. Unless you address the differences and make your challenges into advantages.

Let your love know you care by remembering the details of their life.
It's always the small efforts that have the big payoff. It's by attention to detail that you let the one you care for, know, they are in your thinking space. And you will find that miraculously your love life is enhanced.
Simple things like, remembering to pick up the dry cleaning. Putting out the garbage, picking up the dirty socks off the floor! Scratching his back without being asked. Folding the laundry together, trust me it can be a very sensuous experience. Fix a pitcher of her favorite drinks before she gets home. Wrap yourself in saran warp and meet him at the door...no wait, that is so 80's...! Forget I said that!
Now-- if he met her at the door in saran wrap...that's totally different!

Good news to share.

My daughter Reina and her husband David have moved to OKC. This happened a few days ago. I am so grateful for the opportunity to be able to have an afternoon cup of tea with my daughter any time we choose. I don't have to squeeze in a zillion things during her visit home. I can call her on a whim and shop till we both drop. I am also looking forward to Sunday afternoon dates at IHOP with my gorgeous son in law! Now if I can only get my son and daughter in law to move here..... One can hope and wish, afterall--wishes do come true!

The three R's.

I usually wash and save the plastic wrap I use for cheese and use it more than once. Money is saved, the environment is helped by this action. When I order take out, I take my own container, this way I am not throwing away styrofoam containers. I usually take my own bag for groceries, this way there is less in the land fills. I often refuse a bag for my purchase and just carry the item in my hand bag, or another shopping bag. Simple, yet all these actions have a profound impact!

Feng Shui tip of the month.

Since we are contemplating love, this month... for your love life to keep smoldering with desire, burn a pink candle. Keep fresh flowers in your bedroom as often as possible. Pink and white are the best colours. Get rid of the flowers if they wilt or die and replace them with fresh new ones. You always want alive energy in your bedroom as well as your home. Get rid of dead things, including dried flowers or stuffed dead animal heads!

A final

As always, I want to thank all of you for being on this journey with me. I feel very blessed that you have allowed me into your lives. Thank you for your feedback.I appreciate the time you take to write back to me. Keep your comments, observations and suggestions coming! Until next month...keep clutter out of your lives!

Have a productive spring!
Best wishes,
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