January 2007

Happy New Year! Hello, and welcome to the January "issue" of my e-newsletter! This month, I look forward to planning for a brand new year and offer a variety of helpful tips, including a Feng Shui tip that you all will find helpful.

I hope this e-newsletter will find everyone in a motivated state for the brand new year 2007. I have started back with my teaching schedule and am gearing up for a very busy spring season. As I mentioned in an earlier newsletter, I will be teaching a new course, teaching people how to get out of debt. This course will begin in April with very practical information. It will allow people to find areas of waste in their expenses and simple easy to follow steps to accumulate wealth.

I did go to Vancouver Canada over the holiday season, but got caught up in the snow storm of Denver going and coming... it was definitely adventurous to say the least. After having to spend the night in Denver on my way out, I was put on standby for an early morning flight ( I despise early morning flights! ) I almost did not get on but by a small miracle I got the last seat which just happened to be in first class! I sat next to Elizabeth Mason who was also on standby, we both bonded over our mutual fortunate circumstances. So, I guess waking up early in the morning does have some advantages!


I received an e-mail from a friend describing how a woman planted 50,000 daffodil bulbs one by one, over the span of over 40 years. A beautiful garden that can be enjoyed by many. The moral of the story, don't put off until tomorrow what can be achieved today. I learnt that lesson on July 29th 1969. Why that particular date? It was the day my eldest brother who was only twenty five years old, died in his sleep of a brain hemorrhage. I realized that day that none of us is guaranteed a tomorrow. I make sure that the people I care about know how deeply I feel about them. Make every day count by living your best life on a daily basis.

Having Courage:

In the time I have been teaching I have observed how so many people are upset about the choices they have made in their lives. Every decision leads us on a path and every path has lessons for us. Our choices bring us the set of circumstances we must deal with. To begin this new year, it's a good time to take stock of the choices we have made. To examine what each choice has brought our way? What were the consequences of decisions made?

Would you change the circumstances you find your self in?

If yes, how would you accomplish such a task?

Would your life be better if you were able to mend some fences that were damaged by your actions? In this new year, take the
chance to call someone who might have been hurt by your actions, take the first step towards making amends, you will be surprised by the results. If you are wondering why I am promoting this? It is because 2007 is a Universal 9 year. The Universal trend for 2007 is completion, Love and Brotherhood. Unsatisfactory relationships need to be ended.

Tie up bitter and hateful feelings in a bundle and drop them into the deep sea.

The three R's...Recycle, Reuse, Replenish.

I have decided to add a helpful tip area for recycling. I feel passionately about our limited resources on this planet we all inhabit. I have been recycling since I was old enough to walk. For household cleaning and laundry I use Shaklee products. This company makes cleaning supplies- to health related products. Their cleaning products are very good for the environment. Their laundry soap is low sudsing, has no fragrance and is gentle towards Mother Earth. They can be found in the white pages of the yellow pages under Shaklee. As a company they take very good care of their employees too. While brushing your teeth, don't let the water run. This way, you will be saving our most precious commodity, while saving money too!

Special thanks!

The idea of the newsletter and it's format is the brain child of my wonderful son, Mahesh Raj. He is a talented writer and very bright, of course! His suggestions have helped me greatly. Also, thanks to those of you who came to my rescue and signed up for the upcoming Numerology class.

Feng Shui Tip of The Month:

Here is your FS tip for this month. In order to have better overall health. Keep your bedroom beautiful, or in men's cases handsome! Don't store anything under your bed. 'Stuff' under your bed drains you of energy while you sleep. Since you spend a bulk of your time in your bedroom resting, it should have restful energy. No work related items in there!

A final note:

I would appreciate your comments about the newsletter. Suggestions are welcome!

Happy New Year!
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